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What Will Dating Be Like in the Future?

As history tells us, dating is a Western invention. It wasn’t so long ago couples used to silently "court" for months and in other parts of the world arranged marriages and polygamy are still the norm. In the past 60 years dating in America has evolved from giving your steady a class ring to… Jersey Shore; wouldn’t it be interesting to take a look...

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Dating Sites Are Like Video Games

How Dating Sites are Like Video Games

Gaming culture has more or less taken over the young male population of America and with good reason. Today’s games are bloodier, techier and more realistic than ever before and men (and women) everywhere love to lose themselves in an alternate game universe. You know what else people sometimes lose themselves in? Online dating. Here’s a look at 6...

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"What will impress her most is that you dug deep and that you wrote it."

Write A Love Letter That Sweeps Her Off Her Feet

Thanks to David Leonhardt for explaining how to sweep her off her feet after you've made your dating site connection and are ready to go beyond flirting. David is well-known social media influencer, someone we've followed for years and a master at expressing himself via the pen. He runs THGM Writing Services. You can find him posting every day on...

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Cute Couple And Their Dogs

Using Your Dog to Score a Date

Man’s best friend is good for more than looking cute and chasing Frisbees, my fellow single. Dogs are one of the most overlooked ways to score a hot date and I’m here to tell you how it’s done. Say goodbye to the days of sharing your bed with Fido and hello to a new age of relentless date offers – here are a few of the best ways to use your pooch to...

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