101 Crazy Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentines Day Idea: We Could Read The Healthcare Bill

It’s almost that time again! Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s on a Friday this year which means (gulp!) more pressure than usual!

Whether you’ve got a longtime love, a new girlfriend or boyfriend, or even if you just want to send a message to someone you’re interested in, here’s a great list of 100 crazy-romantic ideas to make this Valentine’s Day more special than ever.

1. Leave a single rose under their windshield wiper while they’re at work or school.

2. Send them a Valentine’s Day e-card every hour, on the hour.

3. Plan a special date night for your longtime love: take them back to the place you had your first date and recreate the whole event, from the clothes you wore to the food you ate!

4. Ask them publicly on Facebook or via Twitter if they’d like to be your Valentine (bonus points for including a picture of yourself holding a bouquet of roses!)

5. Book a helicopter tour in your city to see the twinkling lights together.

6. Write her a song about your time together and your favorite memories.

7. Create a coupon book for him in lieu of a gift for things like “One 30-minute massage” and “One week of no complaining!”

8. Since V-Day is on a Friday, plan a weekend getaway at a resort or beach town within driving distance. Keep it a secret until Friday after work when you whisk them away!

9. Cook dinner together using a menu entirely made up of aphrodisiacs! Think: oysters, asparagus, and chocolate!

10. Give him a wristwatch and inscribe on the back of the watch a message like, “I will always have time for you.”

11. Have an indoor picnic (it’s cold in February!) by spreading out a blanket on the floor and eating finger foods by candlelight.

12. Write her a poem. By hand.

13. Gather up a dozen romantic movies and suggest spending all day in bed watching them while all cuddled up.

14. Book a hot air balloon ride first thing in the morning on Saturday. Watch the sunrise together while hundreds of feet up!

15. Take a long, long walk around your town, stopping at spots you love for hot chocolate and dessert along the way.

16. Buy her a puppy!

17. Sign up for a class doing something neither of you have ever done. Cooking? Painting? Maybe making pottery like in Ghost?

18. If you live together, get home before her and draw a hot bubble bath. Fill the room with candles and champagne and sprinkle rose petals from the door to the tub!

19. Long distance love? Why not use this Valentine’s Day as an excuse to plan a surprise trip to your crush’s town.

20. Make her something she can look at and think fondly on every day like a piece of furniture, a painting, or even a tye-died t-shirt!

21. Plan a scavenger hunt that visits your ‘special places’ together.

22. If you’re ready to take things to the next level, why not give her a key to your apartment inside a box of chocolates?

23. Make him a framed picture in which you use words to describe him to create art. Paint some words (“kind”) and cut others out of magazines (“funny”) and use toothpicks to spell out others (“smart”).

24. Give each other a kiss for each day you’ve known one another.

25. Send a dozen flowers (they don’t have to be roses!) to her office but on  the stem of each one, attach a strip of paper with a suggestion for a future date.

26. Been crushing but haven’t made the leap? Use Valentines Day as an excuse to ask him out on a real, bonafide date!

27. If you have kids together, arrange for them to spend the night with family and have the house all to yourselves, or surprise your spouse with the plan.

28. Have a star named after him.

29. Put on music and ask her to slow dance with you.

30. Plan a hike in a beautiful location near your town and spend some time just holding hands and listening to each other breathe when you reach the pinnacle.

31. Since Valentine’s Day is on Friday, surprise him at his office and ask if you can take him out to lunch to break up the workday.

32. Look up all the drive in movie theaters near you and take them out for a movie to remember. Pack blankets!

33. Hide love notes all over the place that she’ll find throughout the day. Consider places like the fridge, on the toothpaste, and even in her shoes!

34. Get really, really sweaty together. As in, go for a run! Exercise is a natural aphrodisiac.

35. Have a “Sexy Dinner.”

36. Buy a billboard in your town and post a sweet, romantic message on it directed to her. Everyone will see it!

37. Hire a string quartet to play and show up under her window in the middle of the night.

38. Book him an entire day at a spa with you – a couples massage, exfoliation, and even waxing, if you want!

39. Go camping together. Nothing’s more romantic than being snuggled up in a tent with the crackling of a real, live fire in the background.

40. Start reading a romantic novel together, out loud. Take turns reading and listening.

41. If you’re married, why not rent out a movie theater in your town and screen your wedding video as a surprise?

42. Also for marrieds, go back to the place you got married and renew your vows on the exact spot you said them the first time.

43. Show up at her door (or on Skype, if you met online) and present her with a series of cue cards that tell her how you feel. Take lessons from the doorway scene in Love, Actually.

44. Go to a karaoke bar. Sing “your song” to him. Bonus points if you’re a terrible singer.

45. Spend the whole day texting him things like “Can’t wait to see you tonight” and “You’re the only one for me!” He’ll be psyched by the time he gets home.

46. Go to a big box store like Target together and split up – each of you has $5 to buy the most romantic gift possible for the other in 10 minutes!

47. You’d be surprised how romantic kissing for a whole hour can be. Try it.

48. Write down a list of 101 reasons why you love him in pretty script and  give it to him.

49. Eat fondue together!

50. Make her breakfast in bed with all her favorite, terrible-for-you foods.

51. Pick a bunch of flowers along the side of the road on your commute home and present them to her after a long day at work.

52. Only been dating for a little while? Why not use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to have her meet your family – nothing’s more romantic than mom’s approval!

53. Go together to a retirement home and talk to some of the senior couples there about how they make their love work.

54. Make him a CD (or an iTunes playlist) full of songs that remind you of him.

55. Give her a long foot rub and a pedicure! (You can YouTube videos showing you how to do it.)

56. Have a staycation in your own town by booking a suite at the nicest hotel in the city. Have the concierge bring in flowers, champagne, and room service for the two of you.

57. Fill her whole room up with red and pink helium-filled balloons while she’s away for the day.

58. Buy her a piece of jewelry – it’s a big step for a guy! A necklace, bracelet, or earrings are a safe bet.

59. Draw or paint her a picture of what your partner looks like through your eyes.

60. Spend five minutes – five whole minutes – staring into each other’s eyes. Don’t look away!

61. Rent a cabin for the night somewhere nearby where there’s no cell phone service. Unplug for an evening and just enjoy each other!

62. Go ice skating together and don’t let go of his hand the entire time. Share a hot chocolate when it’s over.

63. Write her an alphabet of things you appreciate about her – A is for her Amazing smile, B is for her Book smarts, etc.

64. Bake him a cake shaped like a heart.

65. Get a tattoo of each other’s initials somewhere secret on your bodies that only you two know about!

66. Write down a few nearby locations and put them in a hat. Draw one out and take a spur-of-the-moment road trip.

67. Put on some classical music and ask her to slow dance with you.

68. Take a long, hot shower together.

69. Only know each other online? Send her an instant message every hour, on the hour all day long telling her you’re thinking of her.

70. Take her to her favorite fancy, overpriced store and tell her she can buy any single item she wants.

71. Kiss every part of his body very, very slowly. Finish with his lips!

72. Buy a hammock and string it up in the backyard while she’s at work. Spend the evening lying together, staring at the stars!

73. Put together a time capsule full of trinkets from your relationship like ticket stubs, photos, and CDs you both love.

74. Hire a private chef for the evening to cook her all of her favorite foods. You can enjoy the meal together!

75. Fill up an entire room with photos of the two of you.

76. A few days before, hire a photographer to take racy photos of you and make them into a book. Give it to him and tell him it’s for his eyes only!

77. Sit down together and write down things you are grateful for about your relationship on individual slips of paper. Put them in a jar and pull them out later when you’re having a fight to remind you of the good times!

78. Pay a local art student to create a comic book of your best times together.

79. Get a bunch of coins and take her to every fountain in town and make a wish together at each one.

80. Go to a winery near your home and try some of the local vintages.

81. Spend the weekend planting a tree together. You can watch it grow alongside your relationship!

82. Buy some lingerie. Wear it!

83. Pick up a large framed map and spend time daydreaming about where you’d like to travel together.

84. Head to a bookstore that’s open late and spend hours browsing titles together quietly.

85. Eat breakfast for dinner together in your PJs!

86. Get tickets to a play that’s playing near you whether it’s a local production or an off-Broadway show.

87. Make your apartment an “underwear only” zone.

88. Bring out your inner kid by building a fort together. Snuggle up inside with a (battery-operated) candle!

89. Go to the movies. Too boring? Go see the one movie you know won’t have anyone in the theater and make out like teenagers!

90. Wake her up super early and drive to the most remote place you know to watch the sunset.

91. Do something totally dangerous and adrenaline-pumping together like skydiving or bungee jumping.

92. Call a radio station in your town and request “your song” dedicated to him. Make sure he’s listening!

93. Meet at a bar or restaurant and pretend like it’s your first date all over again. Wear disguises if you want to!

94. Make a really hands-on recipe (like pizza or croissants) together.

95. Give her a long, slow foot massage after Friday at work.

96. Make a massive greeting card out of a cardboard box that says “I love you!” inside!

97. Initiate an out-of-nowhere conversation with her about your future together whether that means defining the relationship, moving in together, or kids!

98. Rent his dream car for the evening and just drive around together.

99. Live near a river or lake? Why not go skinny dipping!

100. Change your social media profile picture to one of the two of you and change your status to a message about how much you love her.

101. Propose!

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