101 Ways to Get a Date

You may think you’ve thought of everything but if you’re not getting dates you’re just not trying hard enough! Here are 101 smart new ways to get out there and start meeting new people. Let us know your results in the comments below!

101. Join a Club: Pick something you’re interested in and become part of a regular meeting group.
100. Cut Your Hair: Renew your self-confidence with a fresh look.
99. Do Some Volunteering: Find an opportunity through Volunteer Guide to meet new people while doing some good.
98. Leave Your Neighborhood: Shop at a new grocery store or go to a bank across town. You never know who you might meet!
97. Get a Dog: Dog people like other dog people …it’s a fact.

Dog people

96. Ask Your Dentist: Telling people outside your social network you’re looking is a surefire way to introduce new people into your sphere.
95. Take a Walk: Go for a stroll around your house and see if you can meet any new neighbors.
94. Get Off Your Phone: Keeping your nose buried in your iPhone while out in public sends a signal that you’re not interested in engaging.
93. Get Off Your E-Reader: …while you’re at it.
92. Interview Old-School Matchmakers: Find the right service using sites like Find A Matchmaker.
91. Go to Church: Explore your spirituality and meet loads of quality people.
90. Join a Church Group: After you find the right church, dig deeper with a community group or Bible study.
89. Start a Blog: Use a free blog service like Blogger or WordPress.com to set up your site then write about what you love whether its food or bench-pressing.
88. Buy an Adventure: LivingSocial Adventures offers interactive events in tons of cities across the US where you can meet new people.
87. Go to the Library: Meet someone delightfully old-school.
86. Take in a Game: Head to a popular sports bar the next time your team plays to meet a fellow fan.
85. Be an Active Alumni: Many colleges have thriving alumni associations in cities far from campus – it’s a great way to meet others who went to your school.
84. Join a League: Sport leagues for adults with activities like softball and kickball are all the rage – try WAKA.
83. Join a dating site already!
82. No, seriously. There are thousands of dating sites to choose from.
81. Hang Out at Starbucks: They’re the new Grand Central Station.
80. Take a Trip Alone: Spend a weekend wandering a new city like Austin, San Fran, or Miami. Look approachable!
79. Wear Something Sexy: Ladies, put on the lipstick and cinch in your waist – see if you get any head turns!
78. Become an Activist: Pick something you care about like Animal Rights or Conservation and join the cause.
77. Have a Community Pool?: Use it. Don’t worry so much about your swimsuit physique.
76. Change Your Dating Site Photo: Online dating photos get stale after a couple of months.
75. Get Some Advice: Ask a trusted friend why they think you’re still single. Listen without taking offense.
74. Work Late: See who else stays after-hours and strike up a conversation.
73. Network: Getting a date is a lot like getting a job. Tell everyone who will listen that you’re on the market.
72. Go to a Bookstore: Local bookstores are a great place to browse and find a date who’s literate.
71. Play Dumb: Ask someone cute for help at the grocery store – they never have to know you’re already familiar with semolina flour!
70. Train for Something: Sign up for a 5K or a Half-Triathlon and meet like-minded active singles.

half marathon

Flickr: I Run Flint

69. Offer to Babysit: Take the kid for a jaunt in the park and maybe meet a hot single-parent!
68. Read Something: There are tons of books out there designed to help you date more effectively. Try “Why You’re Still Single” by Linda Holmes.
67. Not Into Books?: Scope out a dating blog like “Single-ish” by Glamour Magazine instead.
66. Have lunch. Meet new people: Try It’s Just Lunch or a similar low pressure group lunch introduction.
65. Buy New Perfume: Change up your pheromones and change up your suitors!
64. Go to a Park: Wear something casual. Read a book. Just sit there and see who approaches.
63. Learn a Language: Take Spanish or Italian lessons and open the doors to a bi-lingual relationship.
62. Go to a Movie Alone: You may not meet anyone but you’ll gain tons of confidence.
61. Ride Public Transportation: Mix up your commute and meet somebody new.
60. Ask Your Grandma for Love Advice.
59. Join an Unusual Dating Site: For example, if you stand 5’4” try TallPersonals.com – you never know who you’ve been missing out on!
58. Go to a Museum: Strike up a conversation with a stranger.
57. Take a College Course: Not online, obviously.
56. Listen Up: Take in a concert with a same-sex friend to meet singles with similar musical tastes.
55. Join a Gym: Get in shape and maybe score a date or two. Don’t dress like you’re cleaning house!
54. Clean House: Speaking of, get your house in “visitor worthy” shape.
53. Poke Someone on Facebook.
52. Try Speed Dating: Companies like Date and Dash host speed dating events all over the USA.
51. Buy Someone in Line Behind You a Coffee: You’ll at least get a “thanks” but you may get a date!

buy a coffee

Flickr: Sunnyvaledave

50. Go to a Bar: A fancy one, like at a hotel. Nurse a drink alone. Look bored, not sad.
49. Get in a Group: Dates don’t have to be one-on-one. Bowling outing with 10 people, including your crush? Consider it a date.
48. Hit up the Driving Range: Ask for pointers.
47. Dance, Even if you Don’t Want to.
46. Wink: Or Flirt or whatever your online dating site calls it. Just get involved.
45. Send Out a Message in a Bottle.
44. Seriously though, smile more. Smiling is powerful and attracts mates.
43. Hit Up a Festival: Most towns have at least one or two community events a year.
42. Join the local ToastMasters. Let your guard down and gain leadership skills along the way.
41. Get on Twitter. Follow someone interesting.
40. Go to a Sporting Event: Cheer like you mean it.
39. Get Invested in an Online Game: Gamers are a tight-knit group.
38. Get a Life Coach: Sites like LifeCoach.com can help you find a coach or even give you online coaching.
37. Pay Extra: Upgrade your online dating memberships to get some additional features and push your profile up in the listings.
36. Hit up the Mall: It works for teenagers!
35. Fly More: Airports are a great place to meet someone new and worldly.
34. Go to that Wedding: Romance always sparks at weddings.

wedding dancing

Flickr: amey_lueck

32. Don’t Skip the Reunion: You never know which of your classmates has changed for the better!
31. Go to a Charity Event: Groups like GuideStar offer info on national charities and updated event listings.
30. Heed Patti Stanger’s Advice.
29. Rent a Boat: Or go tubing in a local river or lake. Bodies of water + summer heat = singles in swimsuits.
28. Bake a Cake: Leave it at the Fire Station.
27. Approach a Total Stranger. Ask for the time.
26. Take a Cooking Class: Do it alone.
25. Get a Guilty Pleasure: Find an Internet chat room about it whether it’s a reality show or a special wine.
24. Ask Your Exes: For feedback. Drink wine first.
23. Take an Online Dating Quiz: Sites like OkCupid.com offer dating personality quizzes that can provide some insight into your own personality.
22. Hit up the Local Farmer’s Market.
21. Do Something Touristy: Go up in the Space Needle or ice skate in Central Park without irony.
20. Host a Dinner Party: As each of your guests to bring someone you don’t already know.
19. Use LinkedIn to Network: Don’t ask for a date on LinkedIn.com, rather, use the network to meet people in your same line of work.
18. Send Some Flowers: Been eyeing someone? Do the Secret Admirer thing.
17. Have a Party: Whether it’s Halloween or National Corndog Day, find something to celebrate and invite everyone you know… plus friends!
16. Eat Alone: At a restaurant with tablecloths.
15. Look Again: At the people in your office. Dating material? Remember to tread carefully.
14. Do a Pub Crawl: Most major cities have a couple a year, namely for St. Patrick’s Day.

meet some people

Flickr: CulturalInglesa

13. Join a Fan Club: Online or IRL.
12. Go to a Club: Particularly if you’re not “into clubs.” Don’t stand in the corner.
11. Borrow Something From a (Cute) Neighbor.
10. Ask Your Boss: If you can volunteer to go to this year’s conference out-of-state.
9. Rework Your Settings: Change up your online dating profile to broaden your search criteria.
8. Print Personal “Business” Cards: Include your name, number and email address. Hand them out liberally.
7. Get Out of the Office: At least for your lunch hour.
6. Score a Blind Date: Be sure to ask for a setup from someone not in your immediate circle to ensure variety.
5. Eat Only at New Restaurants: For one whole month. Take a same-sex friend.
4. Go on a Bike Ride: Get lost on purpose. Ask for directions.
3. Visit a Winery: Strike up conversations with the other wine-lovers.
2. Just Ask.
1. Don’t Change Anything: Keep on keeping on. Love will hit you when it hits.


  1. AnnaLynn Fox says:

    102. FEEL GREAT ABOUT YOURSELF. Once you’ve built a more confident you, other people WILL take notice. That attitude is catchy.

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