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So, What’s This All About?

You noticed it too, huh? There’s a lot of clutter in the online dating scene. After many years spent visiting dating site after dating site, the DatingSitesXO.com brainchild was born out of frustration and necessity. You see, we believe people need somewhere they can go before and during their online search for love – a “safe place,” if you will. Dating Sites XO is meant to be just that: an objective, informational and entertaining look at the online dating world.

If you’ve made your way here you probably already know how crazy it is navigating the vast network of dating sites available on the web. You’ve probably got a lot of questions (free? Not free?) and maybe a worry or two (does my profile picture make my mustache look fat?) and that’s where we come in. Our hope is that you can find our site useful in your online dating search, and maybe even start to see it as a community in and of itself.

It’s not easy finding a soul mate. We know how hard online dating can be. Back when online dating sites looked more like newspaper classifieds and less like Facebook we were both looking for love online (we being Emory and Suzana, the founders of DatingSitesXO.com). Finding ourselves on the same Christian dating site was fortunate, if not lucky, and despite an initial 12-hour time difference and a visa debacle, we made our own happy ending.

We’ve been married now for over 7 years and though Cross Daily, our introduction dating site has since become defunct, we still feel called by God and all our single friends to make the entire process of online dating a simpler, more pleasant experience.

Dating Sites XO wants to help you find your soul mate, your better half, the yen to your yang. We believe that there really is someone out there for everyone and if you have a little patience and know where to look, love will find you in the end.

Online dating is making this reality all the more attainable, if not more confusing, so come along with us as we explore the good, the bad, and the ugly in the online dating world. Just like in choosing a partner, the right dating site for you isn’t necessarily the best looking or the most popular…let us help you navigate the online dating waters and hopefully have a little fun along the way.

We love to hear from visitors and fellow online daters (all 20,000,000+ of you) so shoot us an email if you’ve got something to say! Feedback and suggestions are always welcome here.

Emory and Suzana in Singapore

–Emory and Suzana
emoryandsuzana at datingsitesxo dot com