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Dating Sites XO

Emory and Suzana

Our Story

Many years ago the two of us set about about looking for our significant others in this giant ever intersecting social world with the belief that when God has a special plan for you, He makes things work together to bring it to pass. Searching for a soulmate wasn’t always a pleasant task. Soulmate searching is truly a needle-in-the-haystack endeavor. Separated by the pacific ocean and 12 hours time difference, we both found ourselves signed up for the same online dating site.

Where We Met

Back then there were only a few dating sites available over the Internet. Most dating sites were free and resembled classified ads back when online dating first began to emerge. Our introduction happened on a free Christian dating site called "Cross Daily" which has now changed hands and does not offer the matching service any longer.

Crossdaily Christian Friendship 2002 Screen Cap

The best things in life never come instantly. Patience, lot’s of communication and hope played a role in finding the right person over the Internet. After Internet chats and talking over the phone for over a year we decided to meet each other in person to confirm if we were indeed soulmates. Even after this, it took around eight months more of waiting for fiancé visa for us to be joined in marriage in the US. But waiting turned out to be worth it. Now here we are; we’ve come so far. We’ve been happily married for almost seven years. Our marriage and union is one of the greatest strengths we have in life.

Our life journey is one of many reasons created this dating site. We want to help and encourage singles out there that there’s nothing is impossible in life. Don’t be desperate, online dating is one of the best ways on finding your mate. We believe that statistically your odds are better with the right online dating site than with other forms of introduction. At the same time we want to use as a remembrance that God used a dating site as His instrument for His will for us.

We would like to help those trying to find their significant other, soulmate, date or just a friend online. We’re here for you and we are open to help you if you have a question related dating. Shoot us an email.

Our advice for all singles searching online for a soulmate is simple: "Never give up hope because someone is likely out there waiting for you."

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