Best Cities for Online Dating

We see the lists all the time… “Best Cities for Singles” and “Top Cities to Meet Mr./Mrs. Right.” But what about the best cities for successfully dating online? A number of factors influence the ease of IRL meet-ups for dating site users and we’ve taken them all into consideration when compiling this list. Here are DatingSiteXO’s Best Cities for Online Dating in 2013.

The “Best All Around” Winner

Washington DC

Washington DC

Washington’s an online dater’s dream. There are tons of inexpensive activities to partake in when getting to know each other: strolling among the monuments, checking out the animals at the National Zoo or digging into some culture at one of the city’s dozens of museums. The local population is chock-full of young, single professionals (the holy grail of online dating sites) but don’t discount the growing contingent of Hipsters, artists and generally fun, quirky singles in areas like Adams Morgan. And to cap it all off DC is serviced by two major airports so if your online love happens to reside in, say, Houston, they can still make it in for a quick weekend visit.

The “Activities” Director

Austin, TX

Austin, Texas

The great thing about Austin is that it’s got a vibe that’s uniquely, well, Austin. People just love living here and with so much to get into day or night it’s no wonder why. Austin really is as weird as residents say and that makes for an extremely eclectic mix of singles. Traditional Texan values still persist, though, so many online daters based in Austin still site “love” and “marriage” as high-priorities when it comes to meeting a significant other. Looking for love online in Austin means meet-ups at concerts (casual! cheap!), delicious Tex-Mex restaurants (hold the beans!) or even a swim in the local natural pool (bikini-body ready?) Austin is active and so is its dating scene.

The “Not-for-the-Reason-You-Think” City

Las Vegas, Nevada

Vegas is seedy. It’s alcohol-soaked, morally bankrupt and the real estate market’s in the dumps. Despite these commonly cited critiques people really do love living in Vegas and new residents are still flocking to the city in droves. The number one reason Las Vegas is a great city for online dating isn’t the cheap housing or the burgeoning food scene (although those factors sure don’t hurt,) it’s the city’s 12.9% divorce rate, the highest in the nation. Online dating is a safe-haven for divorcees who are too hurt, scared or nervous to hit the bars – some people claim The Divorced are the best dating pool to be drawing from! Think about it: if you’re looking for someone who’s not afraid of marriage, possibly older than other singles in the area or even specifically for a single parent, who better than a divorcee? Stop looking: they’re all online in Vegas.

The “Surprise Contender”


Omaha, Nebraska

Can you even point to Omaha on a map? If you don’t already live in the Midwest the answer may be no but Omaha is actually a hotbed of activity right now. Jobs are being created here left and right for the young and bright with companies like ConAgra and Gallup and the cost of living is cheap. But the reason Omaha makes for a fine online dating base is its relative isolation…Omaha is quickly becoming the new hub of the Midwestern region (sorry Chicago.) Singles here tend to have more traditional, committal values than in coastal metropolitan areas and being based in Omaha means you’ve got access to lots of other nearby mid-sized cities like Kansas City, Des Moines and even Denver – and access means meeting more singles! If you’re looking for the next up-and-coming place to be and you can’t stomach the thought of moving to Portland it’s time you gave Omaha a second look.

The “Already Online” City

San Fran

San Francisco, California

San Fran’s got a lot of great qualities for singles: an amazing food scene, lots of outdoor date spots and areliable transportation system that makes getting in and out of town simple. The best thing about the City by the Bay for online daters, though? Its reputation as one of (if not the most, if you ask The Huffington Post) most “social” cities in the US in terms of online engagement. People here are Tweeting and Poking and Instagramming and any other “ing” available on the web. All this online interaction makes finding a date like shooting fish in a barrel here in San Francisco – it’s only natural that the population is very active in the online dating sphere, too. If you’re looking for a city that lives as digitally as your dating life does you’ve come to the right place.

Considering a move? Online dating renders physical distance more and more meaningless each day but there are still plenty of good reasons to start your search for online love in one city over another. Dating sites work anywhere in the world but the trick is finding a city that works for your dating life…

If you think your city should have been included in the list be sure and let us know in the comments below!

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    These photo’s look amazing and really make me wish I could go to some of these cities. Online dating is something I believe in a lot because most people these days live online. They earn money online, they socialize online. They have everything the possible need online, and if they don’t they can buy it online. So the world has became a place for online dating and everything!

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