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Have you noticed? Lots is happening with online dating. We capture some of the best buzz ever entered into those little boxes that bloggers type into. We try only to post the good stuff. Don’t be shy. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment. We just might change course based on your feedback.


The 100 Best Dating Sites of 2014

Are 100 dating sites really enough?

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Hot Military Man

9 Reasons to Find a Military Mate

Ever thought about dating a military man or woman? Here are 9 perfectly good reasons to find a military mate.

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Show Host

Should I Go On That Dating Reality Show?

Would you want to get cast on a dating reality show?

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Womain with headphones

I Dare You to Try One of These Pickup Lines

What’s the worst pickup line you’ve ever heard? Use with caution!

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Valentines Day Idea: We Could Read The Healthcare Bill

101 Crazy Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Feeling crazy on V Day but no ideas? Here are 101!

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The Grinch Dressed as Santa Claus

Are You Dating a Grinch? Take the Test!

Apply the Grinch test to your holiday crush.

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Why Is It So Difficult to Find The Right Guy?

Tell us why you think it is so @%$# difficult!

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Wealthy Man Wearing Top Hat with Lipstick Mark

20 Ways to Find, Date, and Marry a Rich Guy

Meeting wealthy guys is often about location.

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Call of Duty Couple Arguing Cartoon

Call of Duty Relationship Survival Guide

A new Call of Duty is out but you want to keep that relationship with the girl you just met, right?

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Flirting couple, winking with Mac

90 Ways to Flirt Online

Some of these are almost devious but will probably work ;)

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Crazy Lady in Padded Room with Cats

9 Reasons to Date the Crazy Cat Lady

What’s not to love about a loco woman with more than one feline friend?

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NSA Drone Spying on Couple

9 Reasons to Date a NSA Worker

Don’t underestimate a NSA workers ability to be a great catch.

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TV Celebrity

15 One-Sentence Dating Tips from Celebrities

Advice on dating, Hollywood style.

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Girl Crying because of Romantic Movie

16 Romantic Movie Scenes That Are Sure to Make You Cry

Have you gotten teared-up over any of these films?

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Mime Quoting Frank Sinatra

The 100 Best Love Quotes of all Time

What’s your favorite quote about love?

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