Call of Duty Relationship Survival Guide

Call of Duty Couple Arguing Cartoon

There’s a soldier in SOME of us, but not ALL of us. Some of us feel a calling. We don’t think of this calling as entertainment. We’re so competitive that it seems strange to even refer to it as a “video game.” It’s when this calling comes into conflict with real life that we risk doing damage to our treasured relationships: spouse, friends or potential dates, those to whom peace is the absence of Call of Duty.

I’ve managed to keep my relationship thriving through at least four Call of Duty releases. I know what I’m talking about. Listen to me and I’ll tell you how to enjoy Call of Duty without losing your love.

Give Advanced Warning

You must think ahead. Break the news by dropping some gentle hints that you’ll have some downtime on the exact date when the new Call of Duty is released. A surprise announcement will work against you. It could also cause you to feel guilt.

Tie It to Work

Finding a way to relate Call of Duty to some type of vocation that actually produces income can be extremely difficult. If you’re clever enough to figure out a way, the rewards are great. I was able to achieve this once by becoming a game reviewer. Beta tester is another possibility.

Will You Be My Squad Partner?

It’s not exactly like asking someone to the prom, but the strength of this tactic is in inclusion. Show her that you envision the two of you side-by-side in all circumstances. Together in co-op mode, you will fight on the same team to overcome all sorts of enemies and obstacles.

Get Her a Substitute Game

There is no such thing as a somone who doesn’t enjoy gaming, only one who hasn’t found the right game yet. This may require research. Once you figure out the best game to get her, don’t mention it beforehand, just present it as a thoughtful surprise.

 Find Another Enemy

Find something that makes her more angry than you being distracted by Call of Duty.

The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy.


Buy Some Appreciation

Money works. If you can afford it and if you love the game that much send her off on a shopping spree.


If travel expands the mind, it just might expand it beyond thinking that an obsession with Call of Duty is harmful. Alternatively, you could travel somewhere else yourself to play. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, especially if she doesn’t know you’re gaming. All is fair in love and war?


Give her a care package: a sleep app, a book and a stuffed animal. If you’re feeling brave, go right ahead and get a kitten.


Make sure that you properly DVR her favorite programs, maybe even slip in a few that will surprise her and distract her. Make sure all the bills are paid, there’s food in the fridge and the house is clean. Oh and make sure she’s stocked up on all her meds.  Pay attention to the atmosphere, little things like lighting and music.

There is no person more important to me than my spouse. A good game can bring couples together or push them farther apart. There’s no reason why all parties can’t have their cake and eat it too. Now, go hit as much Call of Duty as possible while keeping your relationship intact and healthy. Good luck!


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