9 Reasons to Date the Crazy Cat Lady

Crazy cat ladies have gotten a bad rap. What’s wrong with having a few (dozen) feline friends?! If you know someone who’s a great catch who just happens to share their home with several cats, here are a few reasons you might want to consider asking for a date…

1. Intelligence

Studies have shown that people who own cats tend to be smarter than people who own dogs! Beat that, Fido.

2. Maternal Instinct

If she can keep a cat alive she’ll probably be a good mom, or at least be able to tend to a houseplant.

3. Emotionally Starved

If you’ve got a lot of love to give and you’re not sure where to put it, look to a cat lady! You can rest assured their cat isn’t giving them any snuggles.

4. Free Dinner

If you’re willing to eat squirrels and the occasional rabbit, her cats will provide an endless stream of cheap meals.

5. Quiet Nights In

Cat lovers tend to be more introverted so if you don’t like parties, dancing, or mindless chatter you’re one step ahead of the game.

6. Vacation Availability

Even with cats, your lady love can still go away for the weekend. Cats are about as self-sustaining as animals get.

7. Endless Entertainment

All you need for a night of fun with the Crazy Cat Lady is a laser pointer and a feather attached to a stick.

8. Self-Assuredness

She knows what people think about her “weird” obsession with cats, and she doesn’t care. That’s confidence.

9. Less Competition

Over 10 million people in the U.S. are allergic to cats. That means less competition for your affections!

Don’t discount the Crazy Cat Lady just because she’s a little…out there. You may find a lot to love when you give her (and her feline friends) a chance!

Crazy Lady in Padded Room with Cats

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  1. kristiane says:

    Those reasons are factual. I have some friends who are cat lovers too and their lovers are considerably lucky in having them because they are caring, loving and honest. Cat lovers can also have good instincts and intelligent which made them wise in choosing a lover. My cat lover friends are also as sweet as their cats and they can convey their sweetness to anyone in their own little ways.

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