Right (and Wrong) Dating Resolutions for 2013

“I’m going to go on more dates. At least one date a week!”

“I’m going to focus on quality dates with promising matches for me.”

Online dating makes it easier than ever to narrow down your dating pool – in a good way! While some sites like Match.com and Zoosk love nothing more than to give you a myriad of options, other sites like eHarmony.com and JDate.com specialize in producing less volume, pre-qualified matches. If you’re tired of the dating hamster wheel try something new! Don’t go on more dates. Go on better dates.


“I’m going to lose weight in 2013. Once I’m skinny I’ll find my soulmate!”

“I’m going to work on living healthy and happy this year to attract a mate who is, too!”

It’s never a bad idea to aim for personal improvement but 2013 is the year to ditch the pervasive mindset that those extra 10 pounds are keeping you single. Get outdoors, pick up a couple of new healthy hobbies and by all means, troll for dates at the gym! Just stop beating yourself up about what you’re lacking and you may just remember what you’ve got to offer.

Woman in white holding a glass

“I’m going to get married this year. I am way behind all my Facebook friends. Baby by 2015!”

“I’m going to keep taking steps in the right direction – I’ll meet someone when it’s time!”

Whoa, whoa, whoa. The ‘do or die’ train of thought is dangerous and self-fulfilling – when you get desperate you seem desperate. No one (worth dating) is attracted to desperate. Remember that life happens one day and one date at a time and take some of the pressure off yourself! Planning too much is bound to leave you disappointed.

Get out there and make 2013 your best dating year yet! And be sure to share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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