Using Your Dog to Score a Date

Man’s best friend is good for more than looking cute and chasing Frisbees, my fellow single. Dogs are one of the most overlooked ways to score a hot date and I’m here to tell you how it’s done. Say goodbye to the days of sharing your bed with Fido and hello to a new age of relentless date offers – here are a few of the best ways to use your pooch to score a smooch (or three or seven…)

Digitize your Doggie

Dog with Happy Dating Girl

One thing I’ve learned from years of online dating is that the profile pictures I use featuring both me and my dog score me lots more attention than solo glamour shots. George (that’s my English Bulldog) happens to make cameo appearances in many of my best photos and you know why? It’s because the times I’m frolicking around with him are the times I’m laughing, usually outside and most definitely smiling naturally. These types of set ups are appealing to other singles and let the world know: hey, I’m not unlovable, see? I have a DOG. It’s a great trick to try but there are a few pitfalls. Don’t ever post a photo featuring more than two dogs (three or more screams “animal hoarder!”) and don’t only put up a pic of your pooch…people will assume you’re too u-g-l-y to post a real photo or perhaps that you’re a bit obsessed with grinning Lassie there. Neither assumption will score you dates.

Join the Club

Dogs Playing At The park

This one’s a no brainer, but having a dog automatically gains you entrance into the dog-lover community in your area, the trick is you have to find it. This is easy enough to do in the Internet age: simply get online and research dog clubs or dog walking groups in your neighborhood and get to contacting – there’s no better opener than dog talk! It’s harmless, unassuming and clearly whoever you’re reaching out to shares your love for animals – much better than any opening line that involves a clothing designer’s name or an invitation to breakfast…the next morning. If you’re more into chance encounters of the non-Craigslist kind, find some pet supply stores or doggie bakeries in your area and check them out with Rex in tow. You may be too shy to buy a pretty girl a drink but are you too shy to buy her dog a Milkbone?

Get Out There and Mingle

A Couple Walking Their Dog

Have you noticed how many dog parks there are nowadays? If you live in an area that even approaches “urban,” odds are you’ve got one or two only miles from your home – get out there and start mingling! After work (5-7pm) is prime time for dog parks as are weekends and just like in online dating, people you meet will assume that if you have a dog you’re active and like being outdoors – both plusses for most singles. If you don’t have an actual dog park in your area try to scope out a de facto dog meet-up as oftentimes regular parks and even large grassy areas will be overrun by dogs out for a jaunt at certain times of day. Dogs are great at making introductions, too, so long as the person you’re interested in isn’t leashed to a foaming-at-the-mouth, eat-your-dog-in-one-bite Doberman. There are some things even Brooklyn Decker’s body can’t overcome.

People underestimate the power of dogs at breaking the ice – I can vouch for this fact firsthand. I’ve had more than one man come up to me while I was sitting alone at a sidewalk café (well, not alone…with a hot English stud named George) and immediately start asking about the dog. To be honest, it’s hard for me to believe all of them would have been as bold had George not eased the awkwardness. When your confidence fails just try and do as your dog does…odds are he goes right up to other hounds and initiates a doggie conversation, just as you should do! If possible, though, avoid sniffing your interest’s butt until at least the second or third date.


  1. Grady Pruitt says:

    Another benefit is it would weed out people who may be opposed to the pet in the first place 😀

    Great tips for those dating!

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