Insanely Specific Dating Sites and Who’s Using Them

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When online dating began there was eHarmony, and well… eHarmony and Over the last decade literally hundreds of niche dating sites have popped up in an attempt to serve ignored (sometimes for good reason) segments of the population and help even the most specific online singles find love. I’ve spent some time poking around on some of these pigeonholed dating sites and here are a few of the most ridiculous for your clicking pleasure.

The Atlasphere

The Atlasphere - Ayn Rand Oh, Ayn Rand fans. We all know a couple and really, is there anyone else besides these people and Jesse Jackson so fiercely INYOURFACE about their beliefs? dating site popped up just a couple of months ago and exists to serve the philosophical, argumentative masses that worship at the feet of one Ms. Rand. With over 14,000 dating profiles registered already I’m having trouble deciding if I’m happy these people are finding love or worried they’ll ultimately breed a race of Ayn Rand supersoldiers.

We Waited

We Waited As you might guess, this dating site isn’t for people who, you know, waited in line at the post office or sat patiently until Christmas…yeah, it’s for virgins. And boy does like using the word “virgin!” The site isn’t specifically religious but there are definitely spiritual overtones and it does feel like a safe meeting place for people who share the same beliefs about pre-marital sexuality. On the flip side, sexual predators may find the dating site a bit like shooting fish in a barrel. Just saying.


Cupidtino Dating Site Wow, just wow, Apple. A riff on Apple’s headquarters of Cupertino, CA, (no actual Apple affiliation) is a dating site just for people who love Apple products. If that’s not insane enough you literally have to sign in from an Apple device and the whole thing pretty much reads like an iTunes account. On the plus side, it costs less than $5 for monthly membership, which is actually based on the current price of a coffee drink at Starbucks, and all in all a pretty sweet online dating deal. Now that I think about it, the site does look really cool and it sure is minimalistic and easy to use and — Dang it Steve Jobs! You almost had me there.

420 Dating

420 Dating Dating Site You know, I’m going to refrain from going into too much detail about this little dating site gem lest the DEA show up at my house but let’s just say its members are really into Willie Nelson, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Cheetos. The site’s motto is, literally, “Why toke alone?” You read between the lines.

A Likewise

Alike Wise Dating Site One of the first dating sites for bibliophiles (if you don’t know what a bibliophile is you should just skip this site altogether – you’re not the target market, trust me), matches users based on their choices of books. By that logic, I should probably be dating the publisher of STAR Magazine or R.L. Stine but hey, to each his own. Book snobs need love too.

Women Behind Bars

Women Behind Bars Penpals Seriously? Here’s a dating site for, you guessed it, Women Behind Bars… had your eye on Inmate #23998028? Well today’s your lucky day because wants to match you two love birds (jail birds?) up! It’s easy to make jokes but this site has been flourishing since 1997, the prehistoric era in web time, and there are thousands upon thousands of active members. Maybe it’s the subpar graphics or official inmate photographs but call me crazy, I think its success maybe just mayyybbeeee has to do with a captive audience.

Stache Passions

Stache Passions Dating Site Finally, a dating site dedicated to the underserved market of mustache lovers. Whether you prefer a Burt Reynolds or a Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite, there’s a stache on this site for you and many of the members make it totally easy and just use an up-close photo of their mustache as a profile picture (Insert shudder here.) I’m not sure what kind of fetishes are involved here and to be honest, I’ve never dated anyone with a stache but just browsing around on made me want to take a really, really hot shower.

Sugar Daddie

Sugar Daddie Dating Site I know it’s hard to believe with such a classy domain name but is kind of sleazy. The site aims to set up rich men and hot women (obviously) and that’s about all it does. If you purposefully date on this site there’s a reason you’re still single – I personally think if you sign up for a profile a licensed psychologist should actually be required by law to show up at your home but hey, what do I know, the last time I dated someone for money rather than love was YEAH, I NEVER DID THAT. Ya gross, ladies.

Diaper Mates

Diaper Mates Dating Site If you haven’t had the misfortune of Googling AB/DL yet let me just do you a little favor and tell you that it stands for “Adult Babies” and “Diaper Lovers.” This is a dating site for just those folks and in the name of research I actually went to the site so excuse me for a minute while I scrape my internal hard drive and pour battery acid onto my retinas.

Ah, I may poke fun but fellow singles, I’m not here to judge. These niche dating sites serve a very specific purpose in the online dating community and I think it’s great that the Internet is bringing somewhat crazy people together that might not have met before. There’s nothing wrong with common interests, whatever those absolutely off-the-wall interests may be and to those who find love on one of these specific dating sites I wish you the best. In all seriousness, good luck with your relationship when you realize you have nothing in common but, you know, a novel or perhaps some ill-advised facial hair. Mazeltov!

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