Mobile Dating Apps Reviewed: The Good, The Bad and the Creepy

Online dating has a new twist: mobile dating apps, and they’re changing the very nature of our romantic interactions. Dating is now smarter and less mysterious than ever before, thanks in no small part to the fact that Facebook and Twitter have become the modern equivalent of an online yearbook. Here we explore some of the newest, best and wackiest dating apps available straight to your smartphone and tell you which ones are worth their weight in “Likes” and which will likely go the way of MySpace.

Meet Moi

This mobile dating app is all about location-based software. Users register all their preferences just like on a traditional dating site then Meet Moi sends an alert when a potential match is (literally) in the area – it’s then up to the singles to scope each other out and maybe even introduce themselves. The basic service is free and Meet Moi actually integrates with your Facebook profile, so that’s cool. A useful tool for urban singles who like to meet strangers? Yes. A stalker’s dream app? Double yes.    Grade: B

Meet Moi Mobile Dating App Mobile App

Members on Zoosk are probably already familiar with all the extra features the online dating site offers including “coins,” redeemable for gifts and trinkets to dish out on the site. Singles who download the Zoosk mobile app – consistently awarded accolades in the mobile dating world – are treated to all the website functionalities as well as GPS tagging capabilities (good for dating in the wild) and mobile flirts that can be sent automatically by appointment. Because, in all honesty, nothing’s more romantic than a scheduled flirt.  Grade: A-

Zoosk Mobile Dating App


Not technically a dating app, Foursquare is the pinnacle of location based software and has a lot of good location dating uses. Singles can monitor their crush’s profiles to see where they like to hang out and even score coupons from big brands as they check in, great for an inexpensive date later. But beware, daters…Foursquare’s just as good at letting your ex and your mother know where you are as it is your new boy toy. Grade: B+

Foursquare Mobile Dating App Mobile App

If you haven’t heard of speed dating you probably don’t watch BRAVO and you’re definitely not Jewish. On the heels of the wildly successful real life minute-to-win-it speed dating format comes a mobile app that allows users to have on the go “speed dates” conducted through email over the course of 5-10 minutes. It’s a paid service but you can browse profiles for free from your phone making for easier date selection and rejection. And really, 5-10 minutes is the perfect amount of time to pick out a soulmate or, you know, get in a head on collision or miss your stop on the subway.
Grade: C+

Speed Date Mobile Dating App

Here’s a mobile dating app that’s focused and simple with few bells and whistles to weigh it down. Users basically use GPS mapping to search for, literally, “singles around” them and the location dating service tracks down singles in the area…it’s like Google Maps for the unlucky in love. Useful for: scoping out a bar or club for PHAT hotties before you get all gussied up. Not Useful For: Well, pretty much anything else. Grade: A-

Singles Around Me Mobile Dating Apps

What is it about online dating that’s at the same time so free and overwhelming? Singles have never before had such an opportunity to meet or play matchmaker and the mobile app world isn’t wasting any time making these connections easier, faster, and more efficient. Gone are the days when waiting for a call literally meant sitting by the phone and asking your friend to relay a message to the girl of your dreams didn’t involve a keyboard. In the age of in-your-face technology no one’s without their phone for long and with so many mobile dating apps to choose from, no one’s without a love interest for long, either.

Dating on The Phone

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