9 Reasons to Date a NSA Worker

NSA Drone Spying on Couple

The NSA has gotten quite a bad rap lately, but I happen to think there are plenty of good reasons NSA workers make great partners! Oh, you think I’m kidding? Well, here are nine reasons dating a NSA worker could be a great idea.

1. Openness

You don’t need to hide emails from your ex. They’ve already been read by your new flame!

2. Financial Stability

You’ll never have an awkward conversation about money because they already know your credit score.

3. Tech Support

They can probably fix your smartphone issues remotely. From another state. Without you even knowing.

4. Free Polygraph Testing

Enjoy complete and total trust between each other.

5. You’ll Always Be Right

If you have an argument you can simply refer to the covert recordings of your last conversation to prove your point.

6. A Good Listener

You NEVER have to worry about being ignored.

7. Exotic Travel

If they ever get disgruntled with the NSA, Russia is really nice this time of year.

8. No Shop Talk

They’ll never, ever bore you with the details of their job because they’re sworn to secrecy.

9. Togetherness

You get plenty of quality time together during government shutdowns.

Ready to date a NSA agent? There are plenty of reasons. That is, if you ever find out they work for the NSA in the first place…

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