Online Dating for the Politically Savvy

The nation’s eyes are turned to the big election and there’s no question the web has changed the way people interact with their politics. Whether you’re red or blue you can agree tensions are particularly high when politics get involved – especially in matters of the heart. Online dating doesn’t stop when the ballots come out but there are a few rules to live by when looking for love online in a heightened political climate. DatingSitesXO has the scoop (Warning! Gross generalizations ahead!):

Dating a Liberal
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Dating a Liberal Woman

Identifying her:
Liberal ladies are fiercely independent and not shy about sharing their Obamalove. Characterized by sharp wit, social progressiveness and little tolerance for BS.
Approaching her:
Don’t be scared by her sometimes-icy exterior: liberal women warm quickly when you ask them about their viewpoints or compliment their politics. Avoid topics like male/female wage gap or Country music.
Dating her:
Like any other woman, liberal singles like to be asked on a date – but don’t be too forward! Aggressiveness is not appreciated so be subtle and sensitive. Great date activities include Green Peace rallies, organic cheese tastings and bra burning protests.

Left Wing Guy
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Dating a Liberal Man

Identifying him: You can count on potential lovers to preach the benefits of Apple, fair-trade coffee and social media; they’re good everything “tech” and prone to wearing skinny jeans. Generally speaking, of course.
Approaching him: Remember that humor, not appearance, is the first thing most liberal dudes notices about women. They’re attracted to strong, opinionated women so don’t be shy about voicing your views (unless they’re contrary to his…)
Dating him: Liberal men like to be led. Don’t expect him to be traditionally romantic and anticipate many, many evenings spent watching him surf the web or watching Game of Thrones. Gender roles don’t mean anything to your liberal love – accept it early.

Republican Lady
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Dating a Conservative Woman

Identifying her: If she’s blonde, thin as a rail and wearing pearls you’re probably looking at a conservative. Traditionally, right-leaning women buy into the idea that appearance matters and they’re all about finding Mr. Right (and a nice car doesn’t hurt!)
Approaching her: This is the easiest sell in online dating. Republican ladies are looking for a knight in shining armor: compliment her looks, hook her with sweet nothings and ask her out on a bonafide date. Conservatives love nothing more than becoming part of a love story.
Dating her: Treat a conservative chick like your queen and she’ll think you hung the moon…expect fresh baked cookies and Hallmark cards. Take her out to nice dinners and whisk her away for a romantic weekend once things get serious. You’ll have her wrapper around your finger.

Dating a Republican
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Dating a Conservative Man

Identifying him: If the cowboy boots or the power suit didn’t tip you off perhaps his off-color, slightly offensive email forwards will? Conservative men are confident, traditional and very, very stoic. Their profiles will be full of holes and one-word answers.
Approaching him: Flirting is good but it’s important to let Mr. Conservative take the lead. They like to wear the pants in the relationship and if you push too hard they’ll turn and run. Make your intentions known with a wink or chat initiation…be impressed and flattering from there.
Dating him: Don’t expect long phone conversations or love notes – he’ll want to cut right to the chase since he feels more comfortable in person than online. Once you meet in real life, though, you can count on him being a gentleman and treating you with respect.

Whether you’re a moderate, a non-voter or your politics define you it’s possible to find love with someone who doesn’t necessarily share your views. Navigating your differences can actually make you stronger and more balanced – finding love online during election season doesn’t have to be complicated, just know what you’re up against!

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