Clique is the Facebook of dating sites – singles meet through matchmakers in their social circles who vouch for other members.

, Dating Site Profile by is the future of online dating. In the beginning, the most successful online dating sites like and relied on matchmaking techniques and massive numbers to hook up singles who possibly had something in common.

In February of 2011, Clique dating site launched in New York and changed the formula. is based on a simple premise: people who meet through friends of friends already have a commonality and there’s a certain level of base trust that pushes these connections forward.

With this in mind, Clique operates by utilizing social networks and “wingmen” who can vouch for their single friends – members join and are contacted if someone within their network, that is, less than three connections away, may be interested in them.

CliqueinNYC began as invitation only in that you couldn’t just browse for personals profiles like on other dating sites and must wait to be matched with someone within your network (the site has recently “unlocked,” becoming open to everyone.) It’s also one of the few dating sites around that encourage non-singles to join and help set up their friends, expanding the online dating pool even further.

Since its inception, Clique has garnered a lot of media attention, the most notable of which may be a Mashable article ( from earlier this year touting the service.

The easiest way to sign up for the Clique dating site is through Facebook, and joining allows the site to pull some basic info right from your profile to help populate your dating site page.

Facebook also forms the backbone of the site’s networking web and easily allows Clique in NYC to see who’s connected to who. Aside from the obvious matchmaking angle, has a lot of really great features to offer as a stand alone dating site.

Not only is the interface really, really aesthetically pleasing, the site’s easy to use and minimalist – the way all the best and most popular sites are trending. Features for members include an interactive Clique blog, multiple social networking integrations and even bi-monthly events in New York held for “super connectors” and avid users of the service. It’s hard to nail down an exact membership cost at Clique, but it’s not a free dating site.

Members should expect to pay somewhere in the standard range of $20-$50 a month for dating site services which is a steal when you consider how many extras offers. With such a vocal, growing fan base there’s no doubt the Clique dating site franchise will soon expand outside New York.

If your interest is peaked and you want to “Stop dating strangers,” as Clique says, check out the cool new world at

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June 15, 2011.

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August 20, 2012.


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