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Popular baby boomer blog Fab Over Fifty launched a section called “Date My Single Kid” back in 2010. It’s grown exponentially since then and may be the perfect solution for your single son, daughter, niece, or godson!

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Matchmaking has long been the domain of moms (and aunts and godmothers and friendly church ladies…) so why shouldn’t there be a dating site with the same mission? Popular adult female forum, Fab Over Fifty, launched a sub-site a couple years back called “Date My Single Kid” or DMSK. The idea is simple: moms post their kid’s info and other moms take notice, passing the info along to single sons and daughters.

Invasive? Maybe. Effective? You bet. Growing? More and more every day. 
If you’ve got a single kid you can’t wait to see matched up or if you think your mom might be your best bet at finding the right partner, consider the benefits of Date My Single Kid:

  • Date My Single Kid is in its second iteration and it’s hosted on the popular women’s blog
  • Putting a profile up on DMSK is simple and it’s 100% free! All you need is a Fab Over Fifty profile which you can sign up for instantly.
  • You don’t have to be a mom to list your single “kid.” You can be an aunt, a friend, a grandma…if you know a single adult whose looking for a match you’re free to post them.
  • Profiles aren’t too lengthy and there’s no matching system. You post a photo of your “kid,” talk about who they are (occupation, hobbies, location, etc.), and specify who they’re looking for. Other members search through profiles and contact you using the Fab Over Fifty messaging platform to let you know if they think their kid is right for your kid!
  • There’s no way to search specifically by religion, but if you only want your kid to match with other Jews or Christians, for example, you can look for members who identify their kids as such. The site is also gender-inclusive and allows members to find same-sex matches for their kids.
  • Every profile that’s posted to DMSK is moderated before it ever goes live to ensure SPAM and fake profiles are minimal.
  • If you’re the single kid you’ve got nothing to lose! Let your mom do all the work while you sit back and wait for her to come to you with matches.
  • You should definitely talk to your kid about listing their profile! They may be uncomfortable using a dating site or having their personal information online.
  • DMSK is relatively low-tech. You won’t find a mobile app, there’s nothing to “swipe” and features are nil. Fab Over Fifty has plenty of other sections where users can read articles, get tips, and talk to each other – DMSK is simply a profile marketplace.
  • The dating network is very under-the-radar. You won’t find a lot of news articles, commercials, or stats bragging on how many members there are – the moms on DMSK just want quality matches, not a huge site that’s overwhelming!
  • The community features tens of thousands of members who are engaged and friendly. Membership to the site is free although there are “premium” memberships available that unlock additional features for a monthly fee.

Are you a mom with a single son or daughter? Do you have a nephew who you just know is a great catch but hasn’t met the right woman? If you’ve scoured your church, your grocery store, and your Zumba group for matches for your kid but come up empty, turn your eyes toward Date My Single Kid. The internet can help your kid find love!

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In Date My Single Kid's own words

"Now all FOF members can find matches for their single kids, as only they know how. (Nieces, nephews, grandaughters and grandsons are also welcome)."

Originally Posted

August 21, 2014.

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May 8, 2015.


7 User Reviews

  1. anita

    I’m a single girl looking for someone who will love me and cherish me

  2. Dustin

    Single 30 yr old male looking for single female.

  3. Dustin

    How old are you Anita? I have a son who may be interested. He is 21.

  4. Smith

    I am looking for a nice girl to date my son. He is 21 years old. He has a great job and does work a lot! But needs to meet that special girl to date and do things with when not working. I can send a picture. Not sure how to post one on here.

  5. Robin

    I am looking for a smart loving young lady to date my son. He is very smart and will have his PHD soon. He is 30 years old. He loves dogs, cats. children.He has been focused on school and now would like to meet soon one.

    • He sounds wonderful, Robin! Head on over to Date My Single Kid and let us know how it goes!

  6. Celeste

    My son David is approaching 28 and a typical mr. nice guy. he is smart and sweet loving guy. He is an electrical engineer in Raleigh NC. owns a house, has a spoiled cat. He likes to make beer as a hobby but he is not a drunk.He has a good sense of humor and he knows how to pamper a girl . He dated wrong girls that hurt him in the past and now discouraged to date again. He is too cautious. He would be a good husband one day. And he is good looking. Not a footbal type but built just right (not fat , and 5″9 tall and half white half asian – kinda karate kid look alike – movie of the 80s . He is looking for a down to earth and smart girl who understand men and appreciate a mr. nice guy. If there is any interest out there, call me 704 458 1896,

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