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EquallyYoked.com seeks to match Christian singles through a unique mix of online dating and real-life member centers.

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Equally Yoked has been around since the late 1980s, long before online dating was a national fad. The dating site focuses on matching Christian singles with other Christians and it claims to be one of the more professional and Biblically-based dating sites around.

Members are treated to some truly unique features outside the typical instant messaging and flirting functions; EquallyYoked.com has a network of Singles Centers across the country where single Christian members can meet and get to know each other in a safe, nurturing environment.

It’s a novel concept that attracts a lot of dating site novices as well as endorsements from local churches…the EquallyYoked dating site is often recommended by pastors to single church member in their community. There are some features to the online site members will recognize: members are allowed to communicate with one another and there are newsletters, articles and of course, photos to browse, but what you won’t find on EquallyYoked.com is a smattering of pop-up ads and SPAM which is a rarity in the online dating world.

Membership with Equally Yoked comes in several levels, some around the same price point ($29.99-$49.99 a month) as other popular dating sites. Running brick-and-mortar singles centers takes cash, however, and if you want the full EquallyYoked.com Christian singles experience you’re going to have to shell out some major cash.

Many singles think it’s worth it to have a safe place to meet other Christians while some complain of high cost with no delivery. It’s true, though, that Equally Yoked really does offer things like Christian Cruises and singles meet-ups to full members so if your idea of perfect online dating includes  real-life interaction as well as some safety features other sites can’t offer, Equally Yoked may be the place for you.

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  • Local events for singles in a safe environment
  • Travel opportunities for singles (Christian singles cruises)

Site is worldwide, member centers in just about all 50 states



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Membership Benefits

Access to member centers and Christian networking events in your area


Long-term, spiritual, friendship

How People Connect

Messages, chat, video, social events for members

In Equally Yoked's own words

"Equally Yoked is a social club for Christian singles with local member centers and thousands of members."

Originally Posted

August 15, 2013.

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August 16, 2013.


4 User Reviews

  1. Emory

    Something else that EY uses to distinguish themselves from others:

    “owned by a secular parent company that operates secular dating sites. We are all Christian all the time. Every employee and all members are Christians of deep faith. This matters because integrity by the ‘Book’ is our foundation in all we do.”

  2. AnnaLynn Fox

    How would this site be up since the 80’s? Commercial Internet wasn’t even around back then… not even GOOGLE. Did the world exist before Google?

    • Emory

      AnnaLynn Fox, EY has been active in metro areas before the Internet. I never joined but I remember in Atlanta in the 1990’s they held events and stuff.

  3. Kathy

    This has been a wonderful club and not internet so it is very safe for single Christians. I love it!!!

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