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Said to be the largest Ethiopian personals site on the web.

Dating Site Profile by is yet another hallmark black dating site from World Singles, the parent company behind the wildly popular At Ethiopian Personals, singles are encouraged to start romantic relationships with Ethiopians although many of the site’s members live in America and are simply of Ethiopian descent.

The dating site claims to be the largest Ethiopian personals site on the web and with such a specific superlative, we don’t doubt it. Free memberships at are easy to come by, and all new visitors to the site are encouraged to sign up.

Unfortunately, free members won’t get much use out of the site past browsing personals and possibly responding to a message initiated by a paid member, so it makes sense to fork out the dough if you’re interested in really using the dating site. At between $25 and $50 a month, Ethiopian Personals is pretty pricey, but if it’s an Ethiopian niche you’re looking for, you may not have much of a choice.

Singles won’t find anything groundbreaking on the site, though, and features include the standard messaging services, advice column and flirting options. There is certainly no lack of Ethiopian singles on the dating site, however, so flirt away!

Like most other World Singles properties, daters are encouraged to answer about 100 questions when they sign up to better aid the site in matchmaking, but don’t be fooled. These questions are fun and flirty (ranging from political attitudes to favorite celebs) but don’t get too terribly deep… is no or eHarmony when it comes to matchmaking. Some daters prefer this set up, however, and like to do the bulk of the matchmaking on their own, unguided, so if this is your cup of tea (and you’re, you know, Ethiopian), go for it! There’s no doubt that Ethiopian Personals is filling a decent sized gap in the market by catering to an exclusively Ethiopian crowd. Singles here won’t have to fight off any of that “Western men searching for African women” business and instead will find a safe, casual environment to connect with like-minded singles.

If you’re Ethiopian and still haven’t found the man or woman of your dreams, head over to and check out the selection.

Ethiopian Personals Profile




Membership Type

There are 2 kinds of memberships

  • Regular
  • Platinum
Membership Benefits


  • Be able to search and browse singles near you
  • You can add and view photos
  • You can send flirts to other members you interested in

Regular features +

  • Be able to read messages from regular members
  • You will initiate IM conversations
  • You rmessages can be read by regular members
  • You can search in detailed options
  • You are able to save searches

Platinum Member Plan

  • 6 Months: $24.99/mo
  • 3 Months: $32.99/mo
  • 1 Month: $39.99/mo

Note from The prices that appeared are not necessarily permanent. Prices are subject to change due to promotional month, seasonal month and special offers (hint! hint! check our dating coupons page).



How People Connect
  • Emails
  • Search (Detailed, Nickname, My Matches, Favorites, Saved Searches)
  • Instant Messaging
  • Live Chat
  • E-cards
  • Video Profile

Originally Posted

May 19, 2011.

Last Revised

December 27, 2015.


1 User Review

  1. Teferi

    Hi I am an Ethiopian and need to meet ladies.

    I am very happy to join this site.

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