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The dating site has a hilarious and endearing tagline, “City folks just don’t get it!” That statement wraps up the site’s whole dating philosophy: farmers and agricultural workers need a place to date online specifically designed for people who love wide open skies, feeling the soil beneath their feet, and the smell of fresh cut grass.

Farmers Only is perhaps the world’s most popular dating site for, well, farmers only, although ag students, livestock owners and cowboys are encouraged to join in the fun as well. Founded by Jerry Miller, the dating site has a distinctly personal feel.

It’s clear from the get go that Farmers Only isn’t a corporate site but rather a real world attempt at finding single farmers love…what a unique and adorable concept! Farmers as a whole are turning to online dating in droves, mostly because their lifestyle leaves them lonely and not in a position to meet other singles, and Farmers Only wants to be the place these singles turn for love.

The site’s search functions are similar to other general dating sites as are the personals profiles (although the photos are decidedly more rural in nature… most people pose with some sort of animal for their pic.) Farmers Only has over 150,000 registered members and it’s 100% free to sign up, though after a trial members are required to ante up.

Farmers Only is in the news as much as any other dating site, more than once featured on CNN and in USAToday. The site has commercials as well, so there’s certainly no lack of publicity surrounding the dating site. is a fun and different take on online dating so if you’re a farmer or simply share the values of America’s heartland, mosey on over to Farmers Only to find some singles who share your views.

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In Farmers Only's own words

"City folks just don't get it."

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April 10, 2011.

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December 26, 2015.


18 User Reviews


    Dont waste your money. Just another MATCH.COM.

    • Rebecca Soles

      They never log anyone off so they show thousands online. Country folk aren’t supposed to be dishonest either!

  2. darren

    The first day I joined I emailed them about some “members” that I thought might be phony profiles. They immediately booted me off the site and would not let me back in. I emailed them several times to ask why I could not log back in, and never received an answer. The site is just like any other dating site with bs profiles and crappy members.and seem to dictate who can be on what you can say or do. Just another scam.

  3. Emory

    Sorry to hear that, Darren. Looks like you were taken off for doing the right thing. I’d think that any dating site would want to encourage reporting fake profiles. If you find any similar sites that work, please let us know. Thanks for the feedback!

  4. AnnaLynn Fox

    I’m from the heartland and I think these commercials are great. I’d almost consider it, though the idea sounds a little weird. Haha. Cute though. City folk don’t get it.

  5. Colleen

    I joined Farmers Only in 2005. I used the service for a few months and dropped my subscription. In 2013 I started getting several flirts and emails even though I had not been an active member in years. I signed up for the minimum of 1 month to answer a couple of the letters. I did not approve recurrent billing. To my surprise Farmers Only had been deducting $22.00 for the months of October, November and December. I wrote them and requested a refund for the months that I did not approve and they were not agreeable. They stated they do not refund money. Well they actually took my money without my approval. I asked them to send me proof that I ever approved recurrent payments. I have not heard back from them. By the way…the site is a waste of time.

  6. Sandy

    RUN! Seriously the worst. Customer service is non existent. Cant’ delete what mail you get. Terrible. ANY WEB MATCHMAKER but this site is advised. I HAD NUMEROUS POOR EXPERIENCES WITH THE SITE, DETAILS, AND MANAGEMENT. As for the people on here, like many sites, both good and poor experiences.

    Yep pardners should be called FARMERSONLY dot RUN!!

    • Rebecca Soles

      Ha ha that is funny! Good one!

  7. George

    Overall I found the site rather simplistic in features, user interface and graphics. While catering to rural singles there are lots of city folks and people that can’t find a mate from the other single sites. Remember that when contacting somebody you should only consider emailing someone that is a paid member or else you are wasting your time.

    One experience I had recently was when a lady sent me a flirt message that read: “I will write if you will!” I sent the same flirt back. I should have waited because after I paid $21.95 for a one month full membership I never heard back from her. I sent her a nice intro email with no response. Of course people can change their minds but I wondered if it was false traffic to get me to sign up. I’ve uncovered false flirt messages and user views on other online dating web sties. I won’t be be fooled again.

    For people who claim they were defrauded, remember that if you pay for one month of membership, it’s not over in a month. They will keep billing you every month at $21.95. You have to go to ‘Manage Subscription’ to turn it off. They are basically committing to make the user pay the higher rate each month and this is not made clear. The site mechanics doesn’t understand that you just one one month and nothing more.

    Not recommended.

  8. KATHI

    Their customer service doesn’t exist. They posted my age wrong, wrong birthday & I couldn’t change it. I tried to contact customer service a number of times to no avail. I am 68 & they had me listed as 57!!! I mean, I stated I had children 42 & 45…now how could I do that if I were 57? And the only responses I got were old men that were only interested in someone much younger than they were.

    It must have happened often because they had an area where you could go in and change your birthdate…I tried numerous times & it wouldn’t work. Now that I didn’t renew I am able to change the birthdate!!!! Imagine that.


  9. davidhalterman

    I am looking for a good woman who is truthful and loves sex

  10. danne

    what’s app

  11. Rebecca Soles

    After reading the above reviews I totally agree. They are not the honest country folk they pretend to be. They do recurring billing, never log anyone off so people who have not been on the site for 6 months are still showing online. Imagine my surprise when someone said they saw me online and I hadn’t been to the site in months. A bunch of BS. The only site I ever had any luck with that doesn’t do recurring billing, is and Western Match. They don’t pad the numbers online, and they are always warning you and removing fake profiles.

  12. S. Warden

    Same thing happened to me. I found someone and started dating and we both decided to get off website. I went in to remove my profile and cancel from website. Upon canceling a banner popped up and said your profile is cancelled but you are paid up through Feb 2016. What! I didn’t authorize that! It’s the first of August; so that means they just took an auto renewal of another 6 months and no refunds allowed! .com I’m very angry about this!

  13. Ml

    I’ve been on this site for over a year, and I’ve found them to be honest and helpful. I’ve dated a number of good men who I enjoyed. My subscription ran out, and I would like to sign on by phone because I don’t want to put my credit card online anymore. I ran into a problem on another site. Just hoping management will call me so I can sign up again.

  14. Donald Hancock

    I want to cancel my subscription for Farmers Only



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