Fast Cupid

Fast Cupid is a general dating site with a ton of cool features for younger clientelle. Works for single matching, casual hook-ups and long-term relationships!

Dating Site Profile by has all the bells and whistles up front that convince you you’ve hit something special. The homepage is sparse and alluringly mysterious and Fast Cupid is owned by the good folks at Friend Finder who clearly know what they’re doing when it comes to online dating.

The bad news is, is little more than a standard dating site. The good news is, they’ve more or less perfected the art. Immediately users will notice how clean and easy to use is, and searching the site is more pleasure than pain, which can’t be said for some other dating services (looking at you,

Features on the site are numerous, so it’s difficult to get bored, and include things like profile analysis, a “hot list” and even a personality type quiz. Additional features include a video upload function as well as a “viewed me” list and an advanced search function, so there’s plenty to play with each time you log on.

With so many features to utilize – or not – profiles at are varied and some read deeper than others. The female singles to male singles ratio on the site is pretty even which is a feat in and of itself and rest assured there are thousands upon thousands of members. As with most dating sites, registration at Fast

Cupid is free, although doing much more than, well, registering, is going to require a monthly membership fee. Memberships range from standard to PLATINUM and costs can be anywhere from around $7 a month to $40. The more you pay for, the more Fast Cupid promotes your profile, and platinum members on the site are clearly designated by a little shiny seal. calls itself a dating site for “intelligent, sexy people” but it never really answers why that is. It’s hard to tell how the site differs much from every other dating site out there except in interface functionality and the folks at Fast Cupid never really go into any detail about why it’s, you know, called “Fast Cupid.”

If you’re looking for something totally outside the box or the dating site to end all dating sites, Fast Cupid probably isn’t your spot. But if all you want is easy, large-scale online dating in a reputable, secure environment, is pretty much the online dating property you’ve been looking for.

Fast Cupid Profile

Total members

1 Million +

  • Profile Analysis
  • Personality Quizzes
  • Video Upload
  • View Me Function
  • Geography

    United States



    Membership Type

    Free Membership
    Paid Monthly Membership

    Membership Benefits

    Membership is free
    Paid members can chat with other members



    How People Connect

    Messaging System
    Video Chat
    Instant Messaging

    In Fast Cupid's own words

    "Archery with a purpose."

    Originally Posted

    June 15, 2011.

    Last Revised

    September 8, 2012.


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