Mingles.com is one of the few totally FREE dating sites around – what’s so different about this online dating haven? We dig in to find out.

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Mingles.com at first glance looks to be a typical dating site – lots of bells and whistles, the requisite picture of a happy couple on the landing page, a sign up form… But when you did a little deeper you’ll find www.Mingles.com offers something VERY few other dating sites do: the site is 100% free.

It’s totally free to join the site and unlike other online dating hubs you can communicate, chat, and message without bumping up your membership. There are rumors swirling of an optional “Premium” membership at $49.99 a month (!) but it’s hard to know if the value of having a higher-posted profile and better video options really provides. The site is clean, well organized and easy to navigate – users will find it more similar than most online dating sites to Facebook. Mingles skirts the line between social media site and dating site and it really does make sense in today’s online atmosphere.

Now for the negatives. Mingles.com just doesn’t have a lot of new, active members which makes it hard to meet anyone on the site. Unfortunately, the quality of members is low and though the members who already populate Mingles seem to be relatively communicative there just aren’t enough to go around.

Mingles.com is a great solution if you’re looking to wade into online dating gently… if you use social networking you’ll feel right at home here. We suggest getting a feel for the process at www.Mingles.com then taking your search to a fuller, busier site.

Mingles.com Profile

Total members

3 million (not as many active)


- Unlimited photo uploads
- Unlimited video uploads
- Chat, messaging, and email
- Facebook link and app
- Chatrooms
- Extended search selections





Membership Type

100% free

Membership Benefits

Free members are able to use every aspect of the site


- Dating
- Friendship
- Social
- Serious

How People Connect

Chat, instant messaging, chat rooms

In Mingles.com's own words

"...meet someone new."

Originally Posted

October 18, 2012.

Last Revised

October 9, 2013.


3 User Reviews

  1. AnnaLynn Fox

    Single and ready to mingle? Aren’t we all. I’m not sure how much I trust online dating sites, but I guess everything is worth considering once.

  2. Emory

    Has anyone tried it? What’s it like?

  3. daniel

    need a date

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