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Naughty Military is a site for those who love men and women in uniform and want a no-strings-attached encounter.

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Naughty Military is a military dating website which enables members of the military meet over members of the armed forces for no strings attached casual fun. It is also open to civilians and ex forces. It’s pretty simple, really. The site makes it its mission to help military members blow off steam with short, casual “naughty” dating experiences. makes it simple for military members on short-term leave or garrison to find singles looking for a good time. Profiles are similar to other dating sites but don’t expect any emotional surveys or matching features here. Naughty Military is more geared towards looks than some other online dating properties but that’s just the way the members like it.

At any given time there are only a couple thousand members currently online at, but that’s okay. It’s easy to search by geographic location or type of military member (i.e. Navy, Marine) – it’s almost like a catalog of athletic, brave men and women! There aren’t a lot of extra features on but members don’t really need them. The goal of the site is to get you chatting quickly so you can have an in-real-life meetup fast.

If you’ve always had a thing for men or women in uniform and you’re looking for casual fun with no strings attached, may be a great site for you to check out!

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Total members

Several Thouand


Members can connect directly with those who are in the same garrison or are in a garrison that the members will be visiting whilst on course or exercise.





Membership Type

Prices vary from £24.99 a month, however, this reduces to £12 if the membership type and length is increased.

Membership Benefits

Communicate with other members
Open Chat


Casual encounters.

How People Connect

E-mail, instant messaging and video messaging.

Free Trial/Coupon

There is a free gold membership offer as well as reduced fees.

In Naughty Military's own words

"This is an Online Military Dating Community for those who want casual encounters with members of the Armed Forces."

Originally Posted

July 19, 2013.

Last Revised

July 19, 2013.


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