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OCD OCD OCD Passions is the only dating site created specifically for singles with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

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How clever is that title? OCDOCDOCDPassions.com is a dating site designed specifically to cater to people suffering from, interested in, or working with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The site is part of the larger Passions Network which is a leader in 100% free niche dating platforms. Do you religiously wash your hands or refuse to go upstairs without flicking the lights on and off three times? Then you may have found the dating site you’ve been waiting for at OCD OCD OCD Passions!

Here’s what you need to know about joining OCDOCDOCDPassions.com…

– OCD OCD OCD Passions is 100% free which means you can access every part of the site for no cost. Unlike other “free” dating sites that are free to sign up for, OCD Passions allows you to chat, email, and browse for no cost at all.

– As part of the larger Passions Network, users who upgrade their OCD account to “Network Wide” access can use any of the 250+ niche dating sites in the network. There are sites for every interest and affliction: green causes, shy singles, and even goth fanatics.

– One useful feature on the site are “Groups” which are essentially chat rooms based on a specific interest. There are groups for OCD nurses to chat in, groups for people who align items, and groups for family members of OCD sufferers.

– It’s easy to catch new members if you frequent the site. You can browse by who’s new, by who’s currently online, and by who is located near you. There’s also a classic browse that’s similar to other dating sites: profiles and pictures that meet your requirements.

– Not only is OCD OCD OCD Passions a good place to meet people, it’s a good resource for those afflicted. There are videos about the condition, links to relevant news articles, and even local references for those who need additional help.

– People connect in several ways. There are chat rooms, forums, blogs, email and instant messenger, all of which are free to use when you sign up for the site.

Useful features include the ability to make “Favorites” lists and “Friends” lists to organize your contacts. You can also send a “smooch” to someone you’re interested in to spark a conversation. And it’s all free!

– All good stuff aside, the Passions Network of sites does feel a little more Spammy than some other dating sites. There are ads and pop-ups but that’s part of the bargain when you’re using a free dating site!

– OCD Passions is relatively new and it doesn’t have a huge membership yet judging from chat conversations and lack of forum engagement. However, if you truly want to find someone who understands your condition you’ll likely meet much better candidates (if not fewer of them) on the site than you would using traditional online dating.

Are you held captive in your house by a debilitating OCD condition? If so, it’s likely pretty tough to meet people but the good news is, OCDOCDOCDPassions.com has your back. For free you can now meet thousands of singles across dozens and dozens of niche dating sites without worrying about explaining your condition?

Do you have OCD? Sign up now sign up now sign up now!

OCD OCD OCD Passions Profile





Total members

Over 2.7 million members as of 2012
Passions Network founded in 2004


Friends/Favorites List
Chat Rooms
Resources for OCD Sufferers





Membership Type

100% Free!

Membership Benefits

Access to all forums, blogs, and chat rooms
Videos and books about OCD
Upgraded membership allows access to all of Passions Network



How People Connect

Chat Rooms
Sending "smooch"
Instant Messaging/Email

In OCD OCD OCD Passions's own words

"Whether you are dealing with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), or you know someone with OCD, or you work with those dealing with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, OCD OCD OCD Passions is the site for you. "

Originally Posted

July 24, 2014.

Last Revised

July 30, 2014.


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