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OKCupid.com is one of the world’s premier free dating sites and it’s gotten a lot of media attention and accolades to prove it. About.com calls it the “best free dating site” and The Boston Globe calls OK Cupid the “Google of online dating”… not too shabby. With tens of thousands of members online at any given time, singles using OKCupid sure never complain about a lack of available matches.

Founded by Chris Coyne, the mastermind behind wildly successful education website SparkNotes.com, OKCupid.com is the world’s fastest growing online dating site. The fact that it’s one of the best free dating sites around doesn’t hurt its cause, either.

OKCupid uses matching technology based on mathematical equations and they don’t claim to always get it right. The shtick at OK Cupid is all about the numbers… surely you can find some singles you’re interested in when faced with thousands upon thousands of available members? Featured often in the press, OKCupid has garnered attention from The Atlantic, The New York Times and Men’s Health, all leading to expanded media coverage and more and more members. Perhaps the best thing about OKCupid.com is that though the site is free, it’s pretty and fun to use with graphics akin to those you’ll see on eHarmony, Match.com and Chemistry.com. A poor man’s dating site OK Cupid is not and they’ve got the extensive staff profile section to prove it.

If you’re into online dating or even slightly curious about dating sites in general it’s probably high time you headed over to OKCupid.com to see what the cream of the crop in free dating sites has to offer. After all, you’ve literally got nothing to lose.

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"The best dating site on Earth"

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April 20, 2011.

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December 27, 2015.


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  1. Jake Meier

    I’m single. Have been for a couple years now, after a long-term relationship ended and a short-term something-or-other never got off the ground. I don’t know if I’m “single and looking,” and that right there might mean I’m not in the eHarmony demographic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in the AdultFriendFinder demographic either, but maybe I’m … Match.com? OKCupid? Entre Nous? I don’t know.

    OKCupid site screenshot I’m not anti-commitment, I don’t play games or keep track of points; I’ve sown my wild oats. If the right woman came along, I’d have no problem with a relationship. I’m just not actively looking for her, because I’m not unhappy, I’m not unfulfilled.

    But I don’t believe in destiny and soul mates, either. I don’t believe the right woman just trips and falls into your doorway. So I’m trying not to date women I know aren’t right for me — even if I’m not looking for something that’ll last long enough for that to matter.

    This is the internet age, and I’ve moved a couple times in the last few years, often enough that my close friends — the ones most likely to hook me up with anybody and have a good sense if it was a good match — are scattered around the country. I work in a small office, too small to meet people at work — whether co-workers or customers. I have a friend who did very well with Match.com after a few misfires.

    So I decided to sign up for something, a dating service, an online personal site, whatever you want to call it. I started small — more importantly, I started free — with OKCupid (www.okcupid.com), which has one main pro and one main con:

    OKCupid pro: It’s a free site that hosts lots of quizzes, so if anyone you know finds out you have an account there, you have a perfectly non-embarrassing reason for it.

    OKCupid con: It’s a free site that hosts lots of quizzes, so plenty of the people on it are there for perfectly non-embarrassing reasons … which can embarrass you if you message them thinking they’re open to getting to know strangers through an internet interface. The reactions if you happen to message someone who’s just there to fill out quizzes but has filled out a profile anyway can range from a simple non-response to disgusted outrage, as though you’re some syphilitic shut-in who has resorted to trolling for anonymous parking lot sex on the internet because you can’t attract anyone who’s actually met you and you can’t afford a good honest hooker.

    But still, OKCupid is free, it’s user-friendly, it’s obviously run by intelligent people, and the ratio of quality content to dreck is better than most of the rest of the internet.

    So I made a profile on OKCupid, and I tried to strike a balance between honesty and not making an ass of myself. It’s a hard thing, I found out — on the one hand, you need to give people enough to go on so that when they read your profile, they have some sense of you … some first impression. On the other, if you write too much or are too in-depth, too confessional, then you can seem like those folks you run into at the airport who suddenly start telling you about how they lost their virginity in a Dairy Queen parking lot.

    I’m not saying you should over think this stuff, and I’m not saying I did … it’s just that there’s always a balance with these choices, and if you don’t put any thought into it at all, then why bother?

    Well, I guess I didn’t do a terrible job, because I met a wide variety of women on OKCupid. By “met,” I’m including the whole range from “talked to a few times on the website” through “emailed back and forth many times” to “met and went out on dates with.” The balance was about what I expected: about a quarter crazy, a quarter making no impression, a quarter seeming just perfect except for having no interest in me, and a quarter that seemed all right and seemed to think I was all right too.

    I liked OKCupid. It was pretty easy to use and there happened to be a lot of people registered in my area. In other, sparser parts of the country, I think I’d get frustrated at the fact that so many people are on the system without having any desire to use the personals/matching/dating aspect of it that put the Cupid in the name — I’m just imagining being in the middle of nowhere Wyoming, seeing that there are seven women in my area, and discovering that all seven of them just wanted to take a quiz to find out if they’d make a good blacksmith.

    But I hadn’t made a love connection. I hadn’t even made a good friend, or met someone I wanted to keep dating.

    So I moved on … to eHarmony.

  2. BP

    From a guys perspective its kind of a waste of time. Most of the women are not really that attractive but most act as if they are the supermodel in the club. You go on there compromising yourself for the sake of compatibility to see if you can find someone you match with. You take their profile questions and get a score. I remember just reaching out to people that I wouldn’t give the time of day on the street, others that were maybe a 7 but hey we had a high match score and they wouldn’t respond. The women have tons of guys for sex, scammers, and other regular guys. After a while they are afraid to talk or meet anyone.

  3. lfbn

    I’ve been an OKCupid member for more than seven years at varying levels of activity and multiple revisions of my profile. I know a number of people who really have found a long-term SO through the service, but in all my years of using the service, I’ve only met one person, and we did not have a second meeting.

    By and large the people in my area that I see on OKCupid are the same people I see on PlentyofFish. I prefer OKC’s profile and matching system, so that’s where I spend the majority of my time.

    I suspect that OKCupid works best for people who are in densely populated areas who already have a number of dating options. I’ve also been told that it’s much easier for women to find someone through the site than it is for me. Apparently OKC is something of a sausage-fest.

    I do like the fact that so much of what’s on OKCupid is expressed in quantifiable ways. I’m left with the idea that the more data I give the matching engine, the closer I’ll get to finding someone; even though I know it’s not really true, I feel compelled to do it anyway.

    Finally, OKCupid is run by statistics geeks who regularly release extremely interesting demographic analysis at their OKTrends blog. It’s fascinating reading about human behavior, even for those uninterested in OKC’s other offerings.

  4. Keepstryin

    I have been on OKCupid for several weeks now. I have answered something in the area of 1300-1400 questions…and it keeps asking more and more and I never seem to be able to reach that 100% level. Anyway, since I have been on it I have not received a single message from anyone. The only time I get an email is when I have logged in and did a refresh on the quiver matches or something. Then suddenly I get an email saying I have new quiver matches, which I already know because I querried it in the first place. I dont’ know if I’m doing something wrong or what. Surely I’m not the worst guy on there, and if I am, how disheartening.

  5. Single Life for Me

    I only answered 231 questions in the sign up process and only reached 98.6%, so I decided it was all a scam, so I just decided not to waste my time on Ok Cupid beyond the stupid sign up process with all the questions, sometimes very personal questions about your habits and lifestyles. I think they are just trying to ‘mine’ information from people to use for other reasons.

  6. in German the site is actually working, i exchanged many messages, and for almost a real date and that in week, time, maybe has to be with the approach technique.

  7. Gwenie170

    I am a 73 yo widow, did everything asked on O.K. Cupid, got to 99.8something % on that “test” and sent one email to one guy who seemed like an almost perfect match for me.

    Then nothing and then banned. I have no idea why.

    If we are adults and the people who put this program together are adults, you’d think they would treat us as equals, right? By banning someone for a secret reason, that is the most passive aggressive behavior I have encountered on a matching web site. I haven’t even been banned from Match.com or eHarmony.

    I had a friend try to make a new account for me. Robocop detected that. That’s O.K. as that “new account” was a breach of their defined ethical behavior. But that account was our response to NO RESPONSE from CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    Disgusted and think this is very poor professional behavior.

    • Emory

      @Gwenie170, You sound like a nice person to me and someone OKCupid should like to have in active in their system. I have myself experienced this type of thing with some other types of services – being suspended for seemingly no reason and having to beg to get the account back. My guess is that automation is involved with little or no human cross-checking. If you find a good OKCupid alternative, please post it here, thanks.

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