Romania Kiss

Romania Kiss also has a penchant for setting up Eastern women with their admirers, whether Eastern or not, so in this way it’s a bit like a “Russian dating site” or an “Asian chat site.”

Dating Site Profile by is, to no one’s surprise, a Romanian dating site. Sponsored by the World Singles network, Romania Kiss has been around since about 2001 and specializes in bringing Romanian men and women together for love.

Unlike most of the other World Singles sites, Romania Kiss also has a penchant for setting up Eastern women with their admirers, whether Eastern or not, so in this way it’s a bit like a “Russian dating site” or an “Asian chat site.” The first thing you’ll notice is a photo of an attractive Romanian women wearing a…puzzlingly Photoshopped tank top. Other than that, the graphics are clean and colorful and the site is extremely user friendly.

As with most Romanian dating sites, sign up at is free, but to have access to any of the useful features, singles will have to dig the $25-$50 monthly fee out of their pockets. Features available to paid members include the standard stuff: video Instant Messaging, private communication, message boards and even a Romanian dating advice column.

It’s also fun for some online daters that singles can tell who’s viewed their profile on the site and send various types of “flirts” to initiate a conversation. Romania Kiss doesn’t readily say how many members or success stories can be attributed to the site but the number is likely in the thousands for both as Romanians are quite active in the online dating space.

It also helps that Romania Kiss has a broader focus than some other dating sites and includes those outside of its niche nationality as well. Like all World Singles sites, this one takes great pride in being a safe online dating environment and it is, but likely no more so than any other competitors.

The 5-Star Safety Program the site touts includes little more than standard online dating safety precautions like coded email addresses and a small checkbox at sign up to indicate that new members are old enough and who they say they are.

All in all, is a great place to find yourself a burly Romanian lumberjack or your dream Romanian gymnast so give it a try if you’ve exhausted all your other online dating options.

Romania Kiss Profile


  • English
  • Romania
Membership Type

There are 2 kinds of memberships

  • Regular
  • Platinum
Membership Benefits


  • Be able to search and browse singles near you
  • You can add and view photos
  • You can send flirts to other members you interested in

Regular features +

  • Be able to read messages from regular members
  • You will initiate IM conversations
  • You rmessages can be read by regular members
  • You can search in detailed options
  • You are able to save searches

Platinum Member Plan

  • 6 Months: $8.33/mo
  • 3 Months: $10/mo
  • 1 Month: $14.99/mo

Note from The prices that appeared are not necessarily permanent. Prices are subject to change due to promotional month, seasonal month and special offers (hint! hint! check our dating coupons page).



How People Connect
  • Emails
  • Search (Detailed, Nickname, My Matches, Favorites, Saved Searches)
  • Instant Messaging
  • Live Chat
  • E-cards
  • Video Profile

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May 19, 2011.

Last Revised

December 27, 2015.


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