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There are dozens of success stories on the site that prove Russian Cupid knows how to introduce Russian brides to their Western counterparts and with thousands of profiles and growing daily

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Cold Russian winters leave many Russian singles pining for love and thinks it has the solution. Created by the Cupid Media network, Russian Cupid matches Ruskie women with Western men for serious relationships and marriage.

Singles flock to the Russian matrimonial site not only because it’s easy to use but because it’s safe as well, a hallmark of all Cupid dating sites. Russian dating sites, in general, have a difficult time bridging the cultural gap but dating on is as painless as social networking.

Profiles are in depth and easily scanned and cool features like instant messaging and video chat make connecting a breeze. Free memberships are also offered and can be a great way to try out the service, though for active members a paid subscription is suggested.

There are dozens of success stories on the site that prove Russian Cupid knows how to introduce Russian brides to their Western counterparts and with thousands of profiles and growing daily, what could go wrong? If you’re in the market for your own Russian doll or you’re a Russian lady looking for a California man, may be a great place to start your online dating search.

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Note from The pricing info that appears here is not necessarily permanent. Prices are subject to change due to promotional month, seasonal month and special offers (hint! hint! check our dating coupons page).


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In Russian Cupid's own words

Leading Russian Dating Site With Over 1 million Members

Unlike some other sites, offer friendly, personalized service combined with the latest technology. We also understand the motivations and aspirations of people from diverse backgrounds seeking to find their perfect match and feel that our own experiences can be of valuable assistance.

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May 19, 2011.

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December 27, 2015.


7 User Reviews

  1. Jason

    More than 90% of the profiles on this website are fake internet scams, likely from organized criminals. Never answer someone who sends a wink and beware of professional studio grade photos of what appear to be eastern European models. Nearly all the fake profiles ask for money through various forms, airline tickets and translation assistance. When you refuse they all quit writing!

    • Stephan

      when you write to customer service about scamming profiles, nothing is done and you do not a reply. i agree, mostly scammers.

  2. Edward

    A lot of the messages are form letters. Same format: Giddy introduction, ask for e-mail address in the second half, set-up for vulnerable emotional types that look like marks.. I’ve received the exact same letter, word for word from different profiles with different photos. Some photos are over the type model types, professional shots, not snapshots. When I don’t respond to e-mail request, profiles vanish.

  3. Bob

    I met in person with two women from russianeuro (now, and spent over $7000 with phone calls, travel and presents for them and their families.

    If the managers of the site would be more interested in raising the success rate of their site and not only in charging your credit card, they should add features that will determine users to utilize more the search/match features and messaging rather than the live chat and superficially sent “Interests”.

    The site is very active (over 2000 members logged in during certain periods of the day, with the male to female ratio between 2.5:1 and 4:2). Most of this activity occurs in chats, WHICH IS BAD, because you have to spend endless hours pursuing your matches, or settle for whoever you manage to contact live.

    My preference is to send out messages and ask women to view my profile and write back to me if they believe we are compatible. Unfortunately very few read their emails and even fewer write back.

    A feature of the site where one can easily send back a “no thanks” message would help (and also remind the member to view the full profile of the sender). Also, having at login a window popping up and listing the number of unread message of the account and inviting you to respond to them would be useful.

    Blocking somebody should be allowed only after sending to the blocked member a reason for being excluding from contacting again. I was blocked by a woman after sending my first message, who didn’t even bothered to view my profile (very frustrating).

    I did not have problems with scammers. They are easy to spot. Ask them details about their location and confront the information with Google maps and Wikipedia articles. It also works well if you ask for photographs of them together with their family.

    Overall I do not recommend this site. So far they had over 1.8 million members registered and they can list about 270 success stories. I calculated the chance to find your partner on this site between 0.05% and 0.1%.

    P.S. Why it didn’t work with the two women? Because we were not a match! Both approached me first and I naively followed them.
    Some pieces of advice before you invest too much time and feelings in your relationship: Ask them in a video chat to tour their house for you. Ask a lot of information about their family (you will learn about their upbringing). Explain to them what does relocating to your country imply. If you travel, visit their hometown first, see their house and family as early as possible (i.e. do not meet on neutral ground). Don’t be afraid to put an early stop to your relationship if future does not look promising. And remember, people change their minds.

  4. Zoltan

    So, after 1 month my experience: The site itself is good, the idea, layout and the design. No problem here. The REAL problem is that they allow every fake person to register. I reported every day at least 20 fake pictures, profiles. I’m tired already that they “first class, anti scam measurements” are non existent. I got 100 emails, about 300 interests, i checked 1100 profiles and send out many messages, interests. About 3 turned out to be true. I was looking for a girl from 18 to 30 years, without kids. So maybe if you look for someone older, like 45 with 2 kids, maybe you gonna have better chances…. I don’t know. My experience was really bad, waste of the time and money. They have zillions of members, but most of them are fake (i think about 80% from my age). I got every day dozens of interests, messages from scammers, ghana scammers and scammers from all over the world. Nobody was real and ready to give Skype address, nobody had a camera or had access to the Internet cafe or anything else. Just automated messages every time, even when my reply was ” Go and %^&* yourself, you scammer” i got a reply next day, a full letter saying thank you for my kind message.

    So, save your time and money, it’s a massive scam. Sooner or later you going to figure it out yourself if you pay for the membership. Don’t be a fool.

  5. Tigger

    Hi! A word of warning! I married someone from russianeuro (now Do not expect miracles. Women from eastern Europe are no different from women in western Europe or any other part of the world. Women everywhere want to escape from lives of drudgery and poverty. If you date people from your own country they can behave nicely during the dates and badly in a live-in relationship as men can too.

    I can’t believe that people still get fooled by these scams. Why send money to an unknown person in a far away country . The rules are different in the former USSR. Corruption is rampant. Call your intended, scammers don’t want to speak on the phone. The scammer will always write a gushing letter in good English. Russian girls are hesitant and about expressing feelings and their letters and emails will be full of errors.

    I agree with what’s been said before. Their answers to information about family, friends, the job and visits abroad will be invaluable. Scammers haven’t got time to invent all this. They want your money and quickly.

  6. Stephan

    Wow, this site has more fake profiles than real! Scammers providing sob stories from the first communication is common. The messages sound canned and vague. And the women give out their email addresses in the very first communication. Do not trust this site.

    Educate yourself about Russian dating sites before paying into them. Not all are suspicious but many are. Avoid the ones where everyone looks like models and you pay for every little thing you do on the site or it will start costing you a pretty penny. Avoid the free ones if you want a good response rate and some serious members (and you don’t want your info to be sold). Stick with the flat fee sites (but NOT Russian Cupid)

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