Soul 2 Match

Soul2Match is a revolutionary dating site/app that gives users a compatibility rating based on facial recognition software!

, Dating Site Profile by is an in-Beta dating site that’s truly something new. Using what they call “revolutionary” biometrics and facial recognition technology, Soul 2 Match compares users’ photos and doles out a compatibility score ranging from 2% compatible to 95% compatible and higher! The site uses the principle that the best couples actually sort of look like each other. It’s the only dating site of its kind and it’s certainly a fun new way to meet singles.

Want to try out Soul 2 Match? Here’s the scoop.

  • It’s totally free to sign up for Soul2Match and use most of the site’s features. Unlimited messaging and other “extras” cost a nominal monthly fee, but the site makes most of its money from advertising.
  • Start by filling out a short profile about yourself (no complicated eHarmony-esque questionnaires) and uploading a “Key Photo.” Your key photo should be front-on and will be used to determine your facial-compatibility with other members.
  • Soul2Match offers both an iPhone app and an Android app for use In Real Life. Imagine being in a bar and snapping a quick photo of someone you’re interested in then finding out your “compatibility rating” right on the spot!
  • The Flirt Wall and The Match Wall are where you’ll meet singles. On the Flirt Wall you can chat at will with other members (regardless of matching) and on the Match Wall you can hand-select photos you’d like to compare.
  • Other users can’t see who you match with, but they can see how many people they’ve matched with.
  • You can play around with Soul2Match’s trials on famous folks. Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, for example, have an 84% compatibility rating.
  • Matching percentages aren’t just based on similarity between the two faces. In fact, the site uses over 1,000 recognition points to detect clues about personality, trustworthiness, and sexuality and match members accordingly. Anything over a 70% match is deemed a “great” match.
  • Another useful way to use the site is to see if you’ve got compatibility with someone you already know. Have a platonic best friend you think might be significant other material? Run your photos through Soul2Match and see if you’re compatible! is simple and easy-to-use. It’s not chock full of time-wasting features but it is useful in real life as it is online! Download the app, sign up for free, or even test the compatibility of people you already know – what have you got to lose?

Soul 2 Match Profile




Total members

(in Beta)


The Flirt Wall (Chat board)
The Match Wall (Compatibility estimator)
App for IRL-matching





Membership Type

Free to join and use most features
Unlimited messaging and "extras" require low monthly membership fee

Membership Benefits

Initialize messaging
Access to flirt wall/match wall
See all other members' "Key Photo"



How People Connect

Check photos for compatibility
Flirt/chat on the Flirt Wall
Send messages directly to each other

In Soul 2 Match's own words

"No more long questionnaires, a picture says more than a thousand words. Simply upload a photo and match your soul mate."

Originally Posted

August 7, 2014.

Last Revised

August 6, 2014.


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