The most fun profile to take with cool graphics and photos and games, but long.

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I’d seen the commercials and heard the radio ads and like everyone else, I was curious about The site claims to move you “beyond personal ads” and into the scientific world of on line dating – lofty goals, Chemistry. Their “patented” personality test (why are they all patented? How do you patent a personality test?) is endorsed by Dr. Helen Fisher and claims to take their matchmaking to a whole new level. I was excited to get my feet wet on the Chemistry dating site, and thus began my review.

Gut Reaction:

The sign up page was simple enough – no credit card needed to get past this point, and as I had expected, Chemistry was really hyping this personality test business. Again, “woman seeking man” was the default, which the psychology major in me finds fascinating. The page was predominately red and featured a large picture of a pretty, presumably single woman, inviting me to join and start dating.

Signing Up:

I knew I was in for a long and tedious profile process, but if the results were good, I also knew it would totally be worth it. Like with most of the popular online dating sites aimed at “scientific” matchmaking, warned me right up front that it was quite the undertaking.

I must say that the first question caught me off guard as it asked me to compare my hand shape to some drawings on the screen. Are we gonna make Thanksgiving hand turkeys, The next few pages of questions were different from other online dating websites I’d seen, asking me about my family, my friend group, and even my sock drawer. One thing I appreciate about all the dating websites that use personality profiles is that they often have thermometer-type measures available to track progress, making the whole thing seem less interminable.

By the by, the profile was the most fun to take as it included cool graphics and photos and even some games, but man was it long. Like, 45 minutes long. Brad Pitt better be on the other side of my matches.

After the Login:

Before I was allowed to really dive into my single matches, I was offered the opportunity to become a subscriber on Digging later determined that you can’t really do much on Chemistry, including emailing or messaging without subscribing. The rate is around $25 per month for six months which is pretty standard as far as online dating websites go. For the moment I skipped this step and went straight to the personal ads (as Chemistry hates to call them) which were really a series of snippets, no photos, about the local singles in my area. Interesting choice by the Chemistry dating site not to include photos but it certainly lent some authority to the idea that they’re trying to find my love, darnit. I was shown ten matches initially and told that if I ranked the profiles I’d come back tomorrow to find more. Again, a clever way to get me to really utilize the dating services Chemistry has to offer rather than just spend all afternoon looking at singles and then never returning. The men I was matched with were actually pretty spot on – certainly better than the finds on most of the free dating sites I’ve visited. There’s definitely something to be said for the matchmaking services that come from filling out a tedious personality profile, that’s for sure, and (more or less) hit the nail on the head.

Additional Features:

There were lots of fun features to mess with on the Chemistry dating site, and the first place I went was to check out my own profile. Apparently I’m a “negotiator” which sounds less like people would want to date me and more like they’d want to buy a house from me but hey… The cool thing about how works is that once they pick a single match for me, they compare us on every level and show me exactly what common interests we have and how our personalities would complement each other. As a dating service, Chemistry really knows its stuff – my matches shared many common interests (Camping! Cooking!) and their personality profiles really did seem to match up with the guys I’ve been guilty of dating in the past.

There were all kinds of tabs for me to view singles who were interested in me, my “matches” and alter my own search criteria, so the possibilities were pretty endless. I could easily segregate guys into different buckets including my “not reallys,” a “decide later” tab, or even an “interested in” column. The more I played around with things, the more information acquired on what kind of man I was looking for. It’s a simple strategy, but it all added up to one of the best dating sites I’ve seen so far.


I am happy to report that my review lived up to all the hype. I was expecting to be disappointed at the offerings or the matchmaking services offered at Chemistry, but honestly, it was just the opposite. The guys I was shown were the type I’d actually try dating, online or not, and those Chemistry offered were the best dating services I’ve seen yet. I liked how easy the site was to navigate but also how painless the (dreadfully long) personality profile felt, which was compounded even more when I saw how successful my efforts had been. For my money, I’m pretty sure I’ll go with – truly a great mix of dating agency skills and twenty-first century fun. The Chemistry dating site is really all anyone can hope for Up With the Kardashians …

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In's own words is a premium offering from, designed especially for people who are looking for help in getting to know someone online so the first date feels like you’re meeting for the second time.

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March 28, 2011.

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June 11, 2013.

62 User Reviews

  1. Brad Hostetter

    Dr. Helen Fisher, Chief Scientific Advisor believes that there is not just one match out there for us. Dr. Fisher believes there are multiple people in the world who are compatible for each of us, but she thinks there is more to finding a person like that than searching for someone who has a big list of things in common with you. You’ve got to have chemistry—hence the name.

    At first glance, the website looks like just about every other online dating site, but look closer and you’ll see multiple references to Dr. Fisher. By clicking on these, you can find out more about Dr. Fisher’s connection with, her research, and her methodology for online matchmaking.

    Well, I’ve gone ahead and done that for you. It turns out that Dr. Fisher hasn’t just endorsed the site in return for plugging a book; she is actually quite involved with the direction has taken. Dr. Fisher has designed many of the questions for, not only taking into account the usual personality, interest, and demographic questions, but also questions involving genetics, hormones, and other physical characteristics.

    You also have the opportunity to view videos of Dr. Fisher’s answers to frequently asked questions. I must say she comes across as a lot less nerdy than that Dr. Warren from eHarmony. But enough about her; let’s move on to the sign-up process.

    The sign-up process in one of the most in-depth ones out there, but you’ll probably find it fun and enlightening if your goal is to be matched up with people on more than just the simplest of criteria. If you’re looking for the basics, there are always sites like and

    Get ready to be asked some unusual questions like these:

    • Is your index finger shorter or longer than your ring finger?
    • Which of these smiles are fakes?
    • How do you feel when you see a public display of affection?

    I don’t want to influence anyone’s possible answers by explaining what they can reveal about one’s personality, but I will say that these questions combined with the more traditional personality questions really hit the mark on assessing my personality. In fact, I had my fiancée take the test, and her resulting personality type matched the one that says fits me best.

    After you finish filling out your new profile, you’ll see that has a link to your top five matches. Some of my top five matches didn’t sound too appealing to me, but maybe Dr. Fisher knows what’s best for me. The only way to know for sure would be to meet the matches in person. Of course, Great Expectations is the matchmaking service best known for doing that.

    If you haven’t figured it out by now, an online dating site like best fits those of us a bit on the detail-oriented (some might say anal-retentive) side. People simply interested in a quick sign-up and search are less likely to join, increasing your odds of being matched with like-minded singles. Therefore, if you’re the type of person who lacks patience and planning regarding the online dating scene, won’t be your bag. In fact, you probably couldn’t remain undistracted long enough to finish reading this review. Hey, look at that colorful ad in the margin!

  2. Noah

    I’m sure there are reputable online dating sites out there, but is not one of them. I was lured by the matches that I received as a “free” trial member. I signed up and experienced the classic “bait and switch” manuever. I was matched with anybody! Didn’t matter what state they lived in, the race that they were, the interests they had that didn’t match mine etc. It prompted me to immediately call them to see if my profile preferences were recorded correctly. They were! I was told maybe I should reconsider the distance the matches and I had between us and reconsider someone besides divorced, widowed or single matches. I had three weeks to go and after that call they matched me with no one-even though they claim you will get 5 new matches a day. Bottom line: They have very few people signed up and you won’t know it till AFTER you are a paying subscriber. NO REFUNDS, learn from my mistake-go elsewhere

  3. Karen S.

    I had a similar experience with The site seems to “bait” you with “interested members” and does not allow you to even view the interested persons profiles without first subscribing to the site. If the persons are interested – if I turned up in their search, it should be considered a “match” that you can view and respond likewise or decline if interested.

  4. judee

    I joined Chemistry and paid a week ago. They have been sending me my promised number of matches, and I actually got as far as a phone call with one guy. But lots of their “matches” have no photo, anonymous/generic profiles, and didn’t even run spellcheck. And although I said I was open to any background, everybody’s white (me too but their pool seems to be very un-diverse). I make these matches most of these matches active in order to find out if there might be something there that the profile doesn’t hint at, but hardly anybody responds to my expression of interest. What’s more, presumably they’re sending my profile to guys as well, and not one has expressed interest. Seems unlikely that it hasn’t appealed to ANYone. Not happy with this service. Glad I paid for only a month.

  5. patty

    I agree with the other reviews. No one so far in my geographic area. Others within driving distance but just outside my geographic area showed no interest, so I’m not sure they even exist. Could be someone at making up phony “matches.” This is a case of buyer’s remorse. I contacted TWICE to ask how many men they have in my age group and geographic area but they have not responded.

  6. pds

    I live in the San Francisco area and the matches were unbelievably good. The infrastructure, though, regarding billing and handling disputes was horrible. Come on, chemistry, get with it. you’re not the only site in town. you need to offer better service and when people complain about nigerian scammers and your billing practices, you need to do something about it.

  7. Joanna

    I am deeply underwhelmed by Chemistry and will definitely not renew when my subscription runs out. Good thing I searched for promo deals and got three months for the price of one–$50 a month is ridiculous, but $50 for three seemed worth a shot.

    Except that after just a few weeks I’m sick of the whole enterprise and they seem to have run out of every available woman-seeking-woman in my region.

    • The personality test was pretty accurate.
    • Random people can’t browse your profile.

    • The matches are 5% appealing, 20% eh, and 75% absurd.
    • Members who signed up but haven’t paid will never be able to contact you back, or even see your profile at all once you’ve clicked “interested,” but there is no way to tell if someone is an unpaid member.
    • Chemistry keeps sending me matches who live 2-3 hours away, even though I specified a 100-mile radius max.
    • Even weirder, I have received notification that I have been “noticed” (a mysterious thing whose workings I do not understand, as I seem unable to “notice” others) by people several STATES away. Who are you people? How did you find me?
    • Finally, the last straw: I’m a lesbian. Today I received TWO matches from Chemistry who were men. Let me just say it’s deeply vexing for those of us in this particular minority to receive suggestions of male partners. Not because I hate men, I don’t–but because the last thing I want to do with them is DATE THEM. And it gives me the creepy feeling of creepy dudes who have “mistakenly” listed themselves as women trolling through the lesbian profiles.

    Then again, one of them headlined himself “Goon Man Seeks Good Woman,” apparently unintentionally, so maybe it was an honest mistake.

    In any case, I am totally unimpressed with this service and do not recommend it.

  8. Joe is a joke. I was under the impression that if I paid for a membership I would receive more than 5 matches per day. 5 people per day is not enough because they do not allow you to select enough criteria to eliminate features that you do not like. The personality test was accurate, but do not pay them for the matches.

  9. Jeff

    This site is definitely a scam. I joined based on several “interested in you” emails. I too joined taking advantage of the “risk free trial period.” I received two days of matches and refreshed twice as well. That means in two days I got a total of ten matches. 80% of the matches did not have photographs. I don’t know about you, but if I don’t get a photo, I don’t caree how great the profile may sound, I am not going to pursue anything further. Call me shallow, but experience with Match and other sites has proven that strategy to be not only appropriate, but a must! The remainder of the matches were anything but!!!! Don’t waste your time or money with this site! I quit after the second day. Still waiting to see if I get billed or not! Good luck!

  10. justin tyme

    I have been using this site for a year and overall it is ok, but it definitely seems to skip major aspects. For example why on earth would they match someone who is an atheist to someone who is clearly a die-hard mormon, or a far left to a far right political POV? In one match they matched me to someone who is 180 from me. In fact, out of curiosity I actually went through the steps just to talk to this person so we could laugh at their matching algorithm. The ONLY thing we had in common of course is the absurd reason for them matching us. Maybe this site is owned by the nation’s largest divorce lawyer network?

    Now their links don’t work…. perhaps it’s time I take my business elsewhere. I also wonder if they put up fake models to lure people in. I find it odd that a perfect “10″ model blonde is really seeking a man 4′-8′ tall, out of shape, broke, and has no job……hmmmmm

  11. seaturtle well sucks. read all of the above and I agree.Plus I found three of the matches on in other words they don’t check out if the person if real.I recommend if you use any online service to get a photo and run it through They will show you if the photo you look at is or has been used in any scams. Twice i did the question thing and they never heard a thing.. three times they said someone was interested in me and they were never actually on my site. want a free site.. I have had success with that. stay away from and

  12. Mary

    Reputable — NOT! I was approached by a dude who later turned out to be a scam artist from Nigeria — no joke. I quit the very day that he asked me for money, only 2 weeks after being introduced by chemistry. I’m not guessing. I traced his IP address and phone number.

    Had the guy really been the one his profile had said he was, all would be good. But my experience, although limited, proved that you don’t really know who wrote the profile, and doesn’t take even the slightest bit of responsibility for blocking known malicious IP addresses. Thankfully, it only cost me the $49 membership fee.

  13. Allen

    I am very disappointed in There are not enough subscribers in Arizona and southern California to give me five matches a day. After less than 3 weeks the number of prospective matches began to peter out. It seems to me that most of the profiles I receive are not active. I am yet to receive a response from anyone in whom I have expressed an interest…nor has anyone (after receiving my profile) sent me an email expressing an interest in me. I allege that my profile is not being sent to prospective matches as the website says they are doing. I was prompted to change my matching criteria, however, my criteria are broad in scope. What sets the matter even more agog is that if all people fall into four personality types and there can be chemistry between all four types…there should be an abundance of people to match with. If offers the choices in criteria then they should be able to fulfill those criteria. I think Dr. Fisher does have some good insights into relationships. And if the website was what it is supposed to be it could be a great place to meet people. But as it stands now the price charged is not worth it.

  14. mithral

    Was subject to an unwanted billing renewal after I discontinued the service and they would only give half my money back. I will never use this dating site again.

    Good security initially. Average in all other ways. VERY expensive for what you get compared to similar services.

    Got lots of matches at first, but then figured out most of those matches were old and/or deactive. Once I started getting matches they were the same people I saw on the local free dating pages.

  15. Harsha

    Hi. I was on I don’t think it was any good for me. I dont know about the rest of you. The worst part is it cost me a 180 bucks. This sucks. Not a single match. And some just disappeared, I don’t know where they went. its been 5 months. And for days I wouldnt get any matches. This really sucks. or is it just me. I don’t think its me. Just read reviews before you sign up for any of these dating sites.

  16. Zandrina

    First, yes they bait and switch you, second there are no good matches on there, third, their website has many bugs in it, fourth I hate that you only get 5 matches a day, and fifth I would think they could let you use match . com since its a sister site but no!

    I want a refund!!!

  17. Don't Go There

    I joined Chemistry and what a mistake. They send profiles occasionally but no one ever replies to any of the requests. You don’t get to view anyone you have to wait for them to send some one’s profile. Maybe 5 maybe 1 and many days none. It is a rip off. Don’t waste you money!

  18. Steve

    Ditto – luckily I joined during a free weekend….. got matches enough, but the vast majority had no photos. and we all should have learned THAT lesson by now… a few hits, but who knows when they joined or even if when they last checked the site (2 of 3 didn’t after three days)… Like everyone else on here – the personality profile was pretty accurate, but then THEY DON’T SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT YOU OR ANY OF THEM…so like a psychic telling you she’s talking to your dead mother and she says she loves you – WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE?! Needless to say, no membership for me!

  19. Flo

    I’ve actually met many nice (and real) men through The personality test was spot on for me, and I suspect it’s pretty accurate for my potential suitors. I occasionally expand my search to 50, 100, 250 miles because fewer men with similar interests live within 25 miles of me. Heck, I’ll travel if there’s good potential! Chemistry now reveals whether someone is now or has been online the last 24 hours, which reassures me I’m getting the real deal. They have also added more ways to signal interest, for instance, emailing a man directly. Meeting someone is always chancey, and this site gives me a chance to sound a man out before meeting him face to face. I consider it one avenue of many to meet men.

  20. yawn

    I wanted to try the free communication weekend. I set up a profile and it nailed me perfectly. I had a nice profile set up that I was sure would attract. But the ten results they showed for me were odd to say the least. I am a male and searching for female and I was getting lesbians and gay guys. How the hell is that a match for me? I was pretty disappointed and resigned my account immediately.

  21. Ed

    Chemistry Actually worked for me! I found a great gal…
    I joined the site and paid a “Special Offer” program for PAID account for 10 years back when there were not that many people on there in early 2009. The site seems to give me results of people there were far distances away once all the “Matches” from my area were finished. Also, it produced results of nationalities I did NOT have in my profile. Overall there were 2-3 matches per month that seemed great. Maybe they have programmed it to send me “She Noticed You” notifications, because I only reached the email stage with less than 25%. It cost $50 per month… pretty pricy… so now I have my account but met some through the site! We have been dating for 6 months, went on a cruise, went to NY, and I love her! If you are interested in buying my account (it has 8 years left on it –$4800 value) I’m selling it for a few hundred or Best Offer. After you use it you can probably sell it after you found someone. email me via my website at BidDay dot com .. select “Contact Us” and I’ll get the email… just make me an offer. I’ll show you screen shots of the account length or verify it by an escrow person or what ever you want. BidDay Auctions is my website, contact me via there. Ed

  22. Andrew

    If you don’t want to read my whole review, here’s the jist of it – you can definitely find a successful relationship online, but is not the place to look.

    I don’t know if other people have had similar experiences, but I’ve been on for several months and received a decent number of matches who “noticed” me, often very attractive women. I respond that I’m interested in most of these cases. If they were somewhat interested in me you’d think at least a handful would respond back to my first communication attempt, but of the 20 or so times this has happened only once did someone respond back again (which was only the first communication and they stopped immediately thereafter).

    I’d venture that I’m at least a somewhat attractive guy, but I’ve gotten nowhere close to a first date with anyone from Maybe there are tons of incredibly attractive guys on the site from my area so women immediately pass over my profile even after expressing initial interest; maybe some of the womens’ profiles are fake; maybe I somehow keep seeming too interested/not interested enough just through the first communication attempt; maybe they all just accidentally clicked “interested,” or “noticed,” or whatever (I don’t have the ability to “notice” people on my end which is strange). I really don’t know what’s going on here.

    What I do know is that I’ve spent way more money than I should have on this site, and that there are much better dating sites out there. Go to Hands down, without question, a MUCH better site. At the very least, your matches are actual people who tend to respond to your communication attempts which is cool. You don’t get many matches which can be frustrating, but the quality tends to be much higher (no matches who live in different states with opposite views and no common interests). I’ve only managed to get as far as the first date with a match thus far – didn’t end up working out, but she was great. I’ve also had a lot of online communication with a good number of other matches. And besides my personal experiences, a family friend of mine met her husband on eharmony. Another friend’s mom found her long-term boyfriend with eharmony, they’ve lived together for several years now. I highly recommend I would not recommend

  23. sickofit

    I agree with the majority of these reviews. Chemistry seems to be 10% matchmaking site and 90% scam. I’ve actually been given some good matches, but who can figure out how to navigate through the system? The questions and matching games are ridiculous. Just encourage people to email each other if they’re interested! I’m starting to feel strung along so that I’ll hang in there for a few more months. I won’t.

  24. Jennifer

    I’m sorry but these people above either are very unattractive, live in an isolated (noncity) area, or are very picky! I get a good number of matches of decent people.

  25. Annoyed in LA

    I’ve only been on for a couple of weeks. I was matched with several men who, although did not entire fit the description of what I was seeking, seemed to be ok. I communicated with two men outside of Chemistry via their respective emails. SCAM ALERT: they both “worked” for humanitarian organizations, they both went on and on about themselves, asked no questions, lots of typos in their emails, both worked to “raise money” for their organizations, oh and did I mention they were currently out of the country in Africa? Well, as soon as I called them on their scam, they did not reply to my email and took their profiles off from Chemistry. I emailed Chemistry about this today. Told them they need a better screening process. After researching online, it seems Nigerian scam artists love BEWARE! I think there are legitimate folks on there looking for someone (a friend of mine met a legit person through Chemistry), but it’s difficult to discern.

  26. Bad Reaction

    I wish I’d read this review and the comments before joining This service is horrible. The matches are WAY off and 99% of the matches that look promising never respond because they aren’t really members, just people that filled in a profile then never signed up. In the few cases that I have had responses, the site locks up and redirects you to “our sister site and start your own search” where they try to gouge you for more money!

  27. Sharon

    July 23 was a free weekend on the first night Fri,i was contacted by two men, both had the same story, they were widowed raising a young child looking for women 50 -65 both men were in their 50s I talked to both these men on the phone one did have a local number the other did not,Both men claimed to live in my area one even gave me his address,( someone by that name only he spells it different lives at the address he gave me )after two weeks of talking to him for hours each night he tells me he must go on a business trip to Ghana several days after his fake trip to Ghana he asks me for several expensive gifts said he would pay me back when he got home .that didn’t work so after a few days he asked me to send him money $5000 to help with a land deal in that country when he didn’t get that he asked me for my credit card info,I tried to get as much information from him as possible so i could report him.He is in Ghana because he called me 7or8 times and i checked the number he called from ,the one he used local i traced it and found it was a Cricket cell phone.The other guy as soon as i told him i knew he was a scammer hung up on me.both of these men speak with accents.the one who wanted everything has a yahoo email adress and a hot mail address.They are both scammers wanting money and gifts from innocent women. is not worth the money you pay and does not check out any of these scammers profiles .Please be careful when talking to any of these men with forigen accents they are part of a big scam going on in other countries.They almost all have the same profile… widowed, raising young children looking for women 50-70 very romantic men.They are not serious they only want money from you.This dating site is as guilty as these scammers for not doing a better check of address and phone numbers on these people.

  28. Justin

    Yep I agree with the other negative reviews. Either the entire metropolitan boston area has virtually no gay men signed up, or for some reason isn’t matching me with them. Two of the men I was “matched” with clicked “interested” on me but didn’t respond to the emails I sent them through the site — I have no way of knowing if they received the emails or not but why click “interested” if you’re not going to respond? One of the 5 initial matches had no photo and never responded to a request for one.

    As for the “get 5 new matches a day” claim, that is simply false. For the first three weeks I never got that button. I finally moved those people who had not responded to the “Not really” bucket and finally got 5 new matches — after three weeks! And none of them are a good fit. I’m surprised, because I have gay friends (in New Jersey, not Boston) who swear by this site and met their bfs through it. But again, either Boston gay men don’t use the site or my profile for some reason doesn’t match much of anybody in these metropolitan region, or there is something in their matching process that isn’t working. On the whole I cannot recommend it to anybody.

  29. Jen


    Watch out everybody, because they automatically renew your subscription!! And there’s no way to control it unless call – I haven’t called yet since it’s weekend. Wish me luck – and request to undone.

    That’s fraud, for God sake.

  30. Cindy

    I was totally disappointed. I took the time to put down what I was interested in and how far I was willing to search in distance. Well, the five I get only when I’ve cleaned out the five before (don’t even leave one)maybe 1 matches – others smoke and I said no – live more than my required distance – want kids, etc. – so I’m not sure it its because there aren’t that many people on here or what. It was a total waste of $50. I’ve gone two days now without a match. Come on – I’m not that hard to get along with. I just hate that when you say you are interested and you check each day and these people haven’t even been on for weeks. Maybe they got lucky – if so – delete your profile and don’t send out.

  31. Stacy

    Be very careful…you sign up, can’t get them to cancel with return…can’t get anyone to respond to you.

    I’ve plenty of matches sent dozens the same photo with different name and background. And I’ve notified them of no less than 5 scammers and they have done nothing. I wrote to them with names and copies of emails and nothing. I’ve alerted the FBI cyber group, but I’m not sure if they’ve done anything. If you see improper grammar or improper pro noun usage…don’t think you’re being a snob…run and fast!

    I have no idea how this site is still active.

  32. Alex

    The good news is, for the first couple weeks, you’ll get a good number of high quality matches.

    the bad:
    * is more expensive than most dating sites
    * The matches you get are mostly “dead” profiles, judging by the poor response rate, compared to other sites.
    * after a few weeks you’ll get high quality matches… hundreds of miles away, even when you specified within 25 miles.
    * Many members submit minimal profiles– a picture and a few sentences.
    * Half of them don’t have a picture at all. Blind date, anyone?
    * You have no option to browse the members– they give you matches.

    I’d suggest to skip this one.

  33. Tim

    Just an FYI. If it helps anyone great my work is done here!

    Form a letter I send to a high ranking member of

    “I’ll keep this brief. As your name is associated with I thought you should be aware of devious billing practices with the service.

    I joined with a 6 month membership and in that time my efforts on the website lead to 0 dates. Though disappointed I didn’t think much of it and decided to let my subscription run out and perhaps try again at a later date. Then I ran into trouble beyond my less than stellar results with the service. Did you know that Chemistry automatically re-bills your credit card without notice? I found this out when my Visa bill was delivered, 6 or 7 weeks after the re-billing. no email in advance of this blind re-billing. Also, to add a bit of salt to the wound when I call customer service about the matter I was informed that I would be charged for 2 months of service that I didn’t authorize. So it cost me $100 to discontinue my subscription. In hindsight I should have known better than to trust matters of the heart with an online business website. It’s a shame that the dangled carrot to make a sell is love.

    Lastly, I assume my story is not unique as the first recorded message I heard, while waiting to talk to a customer service agent was:
    “As a service to you your credit card will be re-billed at the end of your subscription” As a service to me! What a crock!

    I’ve decided to send my story to any blog, bulletin board or web reference where Chemistry is mentioned.

    I thought you should be the first to know. regards,”

    I wonder if Dr.Fisher is proud of her association?

  34. John

    Be very careful of They are very deceptive with their billing practices and you will end up being another one of their victims. They continued to bill by credit card for a six month membership even though I canceled my membership and subscription. I also suspect that many of the profiles on their site are fraudulent.

    Look at how many bad reviews there are on here. I have no doubt that all of them are true. Signing up with them is like tossing your money to the wind. DON’T fall for their scam!

  35. Vicki

    Bad, bad, bad. You spend a significant amount of time answer all their “chemistry” questions and tell all about yourself, but the matches they send you never respond, which tells me they are not in the system anymore. So, I’d say it is definitely not worth the effort. When I asked for a refund, they refused, but said they would cancel my membership, so we’ll see if at the end of 3 months I get billed again.

  36. Misheal

    I agree with most everyone who commented before me. Chemistry is a load of crap. I have contacted well over 20 men and have gotten 0 response. Additionally most of these “matches” are not. Things I have ranked as EXTREMELY important are ignored. Additionally when they give you a match they ignore the preference of the other person. The person listed would occasionally fit what I wanted but I didn’t fit what they wanted. I know I am not alone because I had a person ‘notice’ me and they were where no where near what I was looking for yet I was a match for them.

    After some looking I was able to cancel my automatic renewal via the website but it was with a LOT of searching. They WILL be contacted and possibly even sued if they even TRY to bill me a second time. (I have confirmation e-mail of terminated services.

  37. Brian

    As the old saying goes… learn from your mistakes. This “company” is just another scam. And all the comments above are very true; and, from the comment dates, it appears these same problems have never been fixed. It leads me to think it is the way these people simple do business. The whole concept is simply a new twist to an old scam… just a palm reader in the machine… Anyway, I tried the site in December. I met one person and communicated with her through her real email address (from my email so chemistry couldn’t stop me from emailing her). Though I met her, the rest of the matches were totally useless. So, I canceled the subscription. Three months later I reactivated for another month. I got the same people I got the first time, just recycled. How dumb do you think I am? And I’ve never gotten five matches a day. And I rarely get responses. And, it seems mysterious that suddenly near the end of your subscription, a hot 30 year old says “she noticed you”… yeah right.. gimme a break. So, I canceled a second and last time for the end of the month. Oh, and btw, if you do want to try the site, use a pre-paid VISA card… this way they can never re-bill you cuz there is nothing on the card after you use it… just a word to the wise for online subscriptions. Take care.

  38. MissSunshine

    Chemistry is such a scam! Tell me how is it possible to receive an email and only twenty minutes later get a message that the profile is ‘no longer available’? In other words, if you actually MIGHT be interested, they will not let you view or contact the person.

    So that means that – since I did not become a member until I knew it was on the up and up – the poor guys who are interested in me think that I’m a jerk who never answers their interest emails.Nothing but a scam and I am becoming really glad that I didn’t throw away good money on it!

  39. Renee

    I so agree with those who have written negative comments. I have been a member for six weeks, Every day I check for my matches and there they are…at least a 6 hour drive from where I live. I will hit the notice button to someone and have never received any communication back. In fact, I wonder if the persons even receive the notification or “notice you” alert. I’ve had NO response from anyone other than a few who do not know how to use spell check or just can’t spell! Oh well…..

  40. Joseph

    Tips for signing up and / or paying for any dating or other internet site:

    1. NEVER USE YOUR REAL EMAIL ACCOUNT, even hotmail etc.. Go to Spamex, sign up, and use a disposable email account which you can turn on and off at will, or set to turn off after x days or after you receive y messages. Never use this email addy for any other site / purpose. So if you get other mail to this addy you know eg,, has given UR addy out to other scammers.

    2. pay with a dollar & time limited credit card acct. I use Shopsafe @ BOA linked to my BOA MC card. Shopsafe allows you to set a $ max AND set expiry date as short as two months into the future. SO if trys auto-renewal your Shopsafe card has expired or any renewal amount exceeds $ max you set to just above first sign up cost.

  41. DCBob

    Yes, has a truly awful matching algorithm. Living in DC, I’ve been largely matched with people in central Pennsylvania with whom I actually have very little in common. It’s astonishingly poor.

  42. Lee


    Sent 100 messages but i got 3 only.
    Chemistry isn’t working. I checked no kids but they found someone who has kids.

    If i were you, i’m not gonna spend money here.
    Fortunately, I spent 49 for 3mons by promotion.
    Trust me, chemistry doesn’t work as you think. Joining is wasting time.

  43. Agreed

    Agreed with Alex and the general consensus: Skip it.

    The personality type quiz is accurate, but the matching service itself (what you actually pay for) is expensive and contains far too many “dead” profiles. You will be matched with people who no longer use their accounts, who may be hundreds of miles away, who lack any photos whatsoever, and who may have potentially huge conflicting interests.

    Good idea, but poorly executed.

  44. Susan

    I thank you for taking the time to post this. I joined three weeks ago and am frustrated to the point of screaming with how bad the program works. I have reported twice that I am getting no feedback from any potential matches. Both times the bored rep told me to post more pictures of myself to encourage responses. So I did- still no responses. The program is defective. It can’t be that 50 guys all thought I was not their type. Plus, even the ones they matched me with did not write back.

    I was feeling like I was too old or something was wrong with me, but it is nice to know it is Chemistry. com that is screwed up so badly!

  45. Helene

    I was charged without notice also and caught it two days after the subscription was renewed without my knowledge. When I called, an overly bubbly rep said she spoke with her supervisor and they agreed to refund all but 4.04 of my money. This was to happen within 72 hours. She informed me I would receive an email verifying my refund. This was 48 hours ago. No email as of yet, and no refund. The only email I did received states that Chemistry does not give partial refund. The rep also provided a very unusual name, and when I asked her to spell it for me, stated that her name would be in the email verifying the refund (the same email I have not received).

    LOTS of matches BEFORE I joined, then far fewer after. Matches seemed ridiculous, were so far away or clearly did not match my interests. Not enough chatter on the web to warn customers about this site!

  46. Dan

    agree with much of what has been said. During the time I’ve subscribed to the site I’ve probably received about 80 “matches.” I live in Maryland and many were as far away as Kentucky and New York. I suspect that the vast majority are not active profiles. In addition, so far only one person has even “noticed” my profile. I find it hard to believe that if the site functions as it supposed to that only one person has seen my profile over the course of several months. I have at least looked at the majority of those that I was sent. This leads me to believe that my profile is not being sent out to others in proportion compared to the amount I’m being sent. Either that or being sent out to inactive “members” that seem to constitute the majority here. I hope I don’t have any difficulty canceling my membership, when it’s done I won’t be renewing. Besides that, the matching criteria and questions they ask are stupid. What does the length of someones index finger have to do their persona? I’d love for “Dr” Helen Fisher to explain that one. You might as well have things in common with your “matches” like “meet so and so, they also enjoy breathing air and drinking water.”

  47. zzzzrobin

    I’ve emailed over 20 matches and in over a weeks time not one response. I have not had any reaction from ANYONE! My thoughts are that the site just doesn’t function properly. If men paid to be a member of this site, you would think they would at least check if someone had emailed them and would have responded. I’m not looking for quantity, I can just log in the if I want that. But nobody appears to answer their emails at all. So it makes me wonder if the emails are even going out??? I’ve even sent the little games out to all of may matches and they all just sit there “Waiting for a response.” I just can’t believe this many guys would pay for this membership and then do nothing with it. And please, I am height/weight proportional, have plenty of pics posted, don’t have small kids and find myself responding to some pretty unattractive guys as a test and not one single response from person. I emailed asking what’s up? and no response from them either. I’m just perplexed?

  48. Sam

    Too bad I didn’t see this website before.

    I was looking for it but was not persistent enough I guess. D***! The is a scheme, waste of time and money.
    First and most disgusting – they let you choose one of three subscription options – 1 month, 3 and their best deal 6! Then the plan is renewed FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE!

    Needless to say all my attempts contacting proposed matches were unanswered. The site won’t solve any problem but will create more. Guaranteed!

  49. neva

    I found this site’s subscription policy to be fraudulent. Make sure you read the fine print which explains that your fee will be automatically withdrawn from whatever credit card you give them, unless you go through some major hoops. Simply not renewing doesn’t do it. I discovered 5 years after I did not renew my subscription that had withdrawn 150 odd dollars from my account every 6 months, to the tune of about 1500.00! When I contacted them about their mistake they refuse to reimburse me even though my account had clearly not been active all of that time. I consider this a scam. All they agreed to give me was a part of the payment for the most recent 6 month period.

    I feel robbed violated. I cannot afford to simply give hard earned money away. Do not use this service.

  50. icebeamer

    I can’t believe some of you people really don’t have a handle on your finances and you just blame “Chemistry” for fraudulently taking your money. My gosh. I’ve belonged to these types of sites on and off and they are all the same. You HAVE TO make sure and cancel property and then you won’t be charged further. Plain and simple. The above comment from “neva”. My gosh, you’re just dumb for not realizing what it is you realized after a substantial about of time. That’s so stupid. And then you blame Chemistry. You discovered it after 5 years? I’d discover something after a month. Take accountability for your lack of knowing whats going on.

  51. Bobby

    what’s with chem?
    It’S hard to believe that, which has provided me with wonderful matches (80% good to great) would refer anyone on to a scam site. But read on:
    One time trying out chem for free I posted a photo and used an alias. Tried to go back and change the name but could not remove it. Also, all kinds of matches were shown, guys, gays, lesbians. I dropped that site like a hot potato. Never been back.

    I was also scammed by a firm 15 years ago and caught the president removing computers from the office. He also skipped out on rent. If I could have called the real estate office right then, I could have blocked his fancy Jaguar in, maybe even gotten a TV crew out. I eventually received $1 from a court settlement in Miami.

    Thanks for the warning!

  52. Emily Rose

    Chemistry cares more for the money and less for the safety of it’s women clients. I joined for 3 months but didn’t realize they slide in an automatic renewal WITHOUT providing any notice or contact with their customer. The customer service manager said it wasn’t their responsibility to contact me before they dinged my debit for $100.

    But if I wanted to update and re-renew he could cut the price and give me a good deal. Why didn’t they cut me a good deal from the start?

    My issue with the site is based on the number of scammers that replied to my profile. I made the huge mistake of replying to a scammer letting him know I was going to report him…

    He immediately blocked me and then I had absolutely no way to let Chemistry know what he was doing…Customer service was absolutely and totally useless!!!

    After the last scammer experience I stopped using the site until the renewal appeared on my account. So I called Chemistry to officially cancel my subscription and get a refund.

    Amir could see ALL my email content (which is kind of creepy) and agreed with my version of my usage etc… but because that one email was after the renewal I was screwed!


  53. Jackie

    DO not use them, I was just hacked, by some one on this site. And I was only a member for 1 month!! They got my e-mail addrss changed my home address and password. I have no idea at this point if my Identy is at risk yet. And all Chemistry said was, hackers happen what do you want. The best they could do was close out my account. I will never do this again.

  54. Tea

    Jackie, I was hacked too, same situation. We’re you able to get any info to pursue the ‘hacker’? Chemistry refuses to cooperate with me, stating I ‘must’ have given my password out. Absolutely impossible. Interested to see if anyone had pursued legal action?

  55. ChemJoke

    I signed up less than a month ago for 3 months and have recently cancelled my account because the process of interacting with matches was lame repeatedly fizzled out. When you cancel your account, they make an effort to ask you your main reason for leaving, but it has to be one of 8 or so formulated responses. None fit my issues with the site, and there was no “other” option where you could give them helpful feedback as to your real experience. Apparently the marketing folks at Chemistry don’t care because there is no way to tell them in their little exit interview.

  56. mar1419

    most of the women who contacted me were scam artists. they say they
    live in Bayarea but lo and behold they are overseas they just lost
    their beloved husband (yea right) i am 57 yrs old but 23 yr 0ld
    women are interested in me? come on i am not an idiot.

  57. Lynne

    Can anyone tell me how to unsubscribe myself from the site.
    I joined a few days ago and not thinking I took a personality test which was a big mistake. Now Chemistry .com has all my information and won’t leave me alone. I think is equally responsible for having this pop up on their site. By law they must let us op out but I can’t find a way to do this.

  58. Emory

    Lynne, from what I’ve read, there is supposed to be an unsubscribe link at the bottom of those emails.

  59. Vickie

    I don’t know what is going on, but, I have found that if there is a handsome man usually the responses are in broken English implying it is their second language. One asked me to call him, the number was not local and I was answered by a strange recording asking for my name…etc. I also get notices that I have an email or a wink, etc, and when I click on it, I am told the profile is hidden (several reasons are given). I am beginning to think is a make-believe website to collect membership monies! I will cancel my membership, and do not recommend this site.

  60. Connie

    My sister has been using and she met someone she thought was a decent man. Turns out he is London right now and he has asked her to send him money for his work and he told her he would pay her back. This is the second time this has happened. The same thing happened to her on What a shame there are these people out there trying to scam women out of money.

  61. Jason

    I’m disappointed in the sites security. Many of the inbox messages I have received have been from user accounts that were already suspended by the time I got to them. This means that chemistry does not have good user security. Not to say that legitimate people are not on, they are. But, spammers are on as well. That’s not what I paid for. My advice..pass on this site and try another.

  62. Sandy

    mid-September 2014: A few weeks ago, I joined Match on a 3-month subscription (~$20/month). Took the free Chemistry test, got pestered to join Chemistry (an additional ~$20/month for 3-month subscription) – wrote them a complaint about cost, did not sign up for Chemistry.

    Now, daily in my inbox, there are at least a dozen messages about Chemistry matches – which I cannot access without paying for a subscription. There are no match notices from, where I have a paid subscription. What a scam – buyer beware!!

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