Get your feet wet here if you’re sort of new to the online dating scene and need some practice.

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Continuing onward into the realm of free dating sites, I decided it was time for me to launch into a review. I was already intrigued by the awesome domain they’d somehow snatched up and knew from the get go that the dating site had been around for a while. Low and behold, it said right at the bottom of the homepage that they’ve been matching singles since 1997, so I figured my chances were good to find some interesting stuff during my dating site review.

Initial Reaction:

The homepage was big and sparse, which I like – not a lot of clutter like some of the other dating websites I’d visited (I’m looking at you, Aside from the attractive couple embracing on the left, what caught my eye the most was the “FREE” claims all over the place. prompted me to enter in some basic info and“JOIN NOW FREE!!!”which I obviously did.

Signing Up:

I was immediately taken to a second page asking me to enter in what I now lovingly refer to as the “Extended basics for singles” meaning of course my education level, appearance, languages spoken and every other pseudo deep question all dating sites seem to really, really need from me. was a bit different in that they required me to fill out all of the fields, which included such gems as “weight”, “income” and “ethnicity.”So I would say that if you’re at all squeamish about handing over so much personal info to an online dating service, perhaps is not the best place to start.

After telling pretty much everything there is to know about myself, this reviewer headed deeper into the site. I was allowed to “skip” a few screens on the way, namely uploading a photo and signing up for the dating agency toolbar and also had the opportunity to opt out of some free newsletters. Pretty standard stuff thus far.

After the Login:

The site itself was nice and clean – something I can’t necessarily say for some of the other free online dating services I’ve encountered. There were a few banner ads and the like, but there were also nicely aligned tabs at the top with functions like “Who’s Online”, “Chat” and “Advice.” Another thing I liked was the Site Activity box that told me basics like how many messages I had, but also some interesting numbers like how many new members had joined this week (12,901) and how many people were currently on Instant Messenger (601). Screen Shot

My Matches:

Here’s where sort of lost me. So I started searching, expecting a plethora of hot men to fall at my feet (or something like that) – afterall, there were over 12,000 new members this week! I started scrolling and noticed the average age of the singles I was seeing was closer to Leonardo Da Vinci than Leonardo Dicaprio, which was, you know, kind of a bummer since dating my grandpa is not high on my priority list. Then I realized I just hadn’t narrowed down my criteria enough…that had to be the issue! So I changed a couple of things: age range became between 20 and 30 and my location became within 250 miles of my zip code. Easy enough. Problem was, now I had exactly three thumbnails that met my criteria. THREE. It’s not like I was looking for something super specific like Russian brides or Christian singles… all I wanted was men in my age range that lived driving distance from me. The utter lack of matches threw up a huge red flag –, I love what you’re doing with the whole free online dating thing, but what good does that do me if there’s no one to date?


One of the things I liked most during my review was the lack of pushiness by the site itself. The banner ads and offers to install the toolbar were definitely persistent, but they weren’t in your face, and they didn’t distract me from the mission at hand, which was to meet singles.

Another feature I really liked was the “Advice” tab at the top. Clicking it took me to another property (, which was really just a well-written, witty blog featuring pieces about dating in general. The blog was sectioned into advice sections for men and women and while not that helpful in actually matching me, it was a fun read and served as a reminder that online dating really isn’t life or death. There were even some (seemingly better suited) matches on the sidebar! Screen Capture


All in all, I had an okay experience on The dating site is easy to navigate, user friendly and not at all intimidating – exactly what a free online dating service should be. My least favorite thing about Date was their lack of appropriate matches for me which makes me less likely to want to return to the site. If my single matches had been a bit meatier, I would have given the site at least a 4 out of 5. So before you head over to to do your own review, remember these key things:

  • Don’t expect a chat room full of hotties – the matches here take a bit more combing through than other sites, but I feel confident that there are winners to be found.
  • is pretty bare bones, as many free dating sites are. You won’t find shiny graphics or tons of stuff to do, but you will have an easy time wading around.
  • The site is probably better for casual dating and meet ups than marriage, a statement I make based solely and subjectively on the quality of my matches. So, you know, not exactly scientific.
  • You won’t have to give out your credit card number: awesome! You will have to enter in everything short of your exact genetic code to be allowed in the site: less awesome. is a great place to get your feet wet if you’re sort of new to the online dating scene and need some practice… there’s not a lot here you can screw up. It’s likely not the best place online to meet the love of your life, but who knows? Prince (or princess) charming could certainly be hiding just the next thumbnail over. The next withered, faded, 70-year old thumbnail over. You never know, really.

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    March 28, 2011.

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    June 11, 2013.

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    1. Brad Hostetter has been around for a decade, and it has grown to be a site where millions of singles search for new relationships. The website has the basic features one would expect from a large online dating service, and it is fairly well organized, user friendly, and clutter free. You won’t really find out much about how compatible you are with other members, but you shouldn’t have any trouble using the service as a starting point to establish contact for a casual date.

      You can’t ask for a much easier name to remember than, but the online dating website does more than that to make sure you won’t forget it. Just try leaving the site; a pop-up window comes up encouraging you to chat with a live agent about “last-minute savings,” where you can create your profile for free. Never mind that the front page already has a big fat headline and a big fat button both saying that you can join for free.

      Unless you scroll down a bit, all you see besides the obligatory cheesy photo of a happy couple is a form where the company just can’t wait to capture your email address. This all leaves me feeling like I’m visiting some shady affiliate marketing site rather than a reputable company that knows anything about online matchmaking.

      If you do scroll down to the bottom of the front page, you will finally get to view a little bit about While most of the blurb is generic, it does mention one nice feature—live video and audio instant messaging. That can go a long way toward helping people verify that their potential matches are who they claim to be.

      When you start creating a profile, you’ll be questioned about the standard demographic information like age, race, and physical characteristics. There are also places to list your interests, and my favorite two questions are

      “Describe some fun and interesting things you like to do around [your town]”


      “What are some of your favorite places you would take a date in [your town]?”

      The answers to those two questions can give viewers of your profile a better idea of how compatible you might be with them.

      Along the way to creating your profile, you will encounter banner ads and pop-up ads. One would think a business that revolves around subscriptions wouldn’t need so much ad revenue. Then again, look at magazines. I guess it helps keep subscription prices down. Still, I’d rather pay extra for a more personal touch and a site that doesn’t have dancing animals trying to sell me a mortgage.

      There is a nice incentive to add a photo to your profile—it will get bumped to the top of the search results. goes the extra mile here and will even let you mail them a photo. If you attempt to skip ahead without adding a photo, they’ll even tell you “you’re off to a bad start” and remind you just how important a photo is. Those stubborn enough to disregard this can then continue.

      Hearkening back to the greedy-looking front page, you’ll next see a page enticing you with third-party offers. The boxes are automatically checked, of course. After that you will come to your new home page, where you can perform all the basic profile editing, searches, and upgrades. Although the website doesn’t appear to say it anywhere, it is worth noting that signing up for is the same as signing up for—the two online dating services are interchangeable.

      Free members must upgrade in order to communicate with other members. The prices range from $29.95 for a month to $119.95 for a year. That makes it slightly more expensive than Yahoo Personals ($25.99) unless you opt for an entire year. doesn’t really have a matching methodology. Instead it relies on sheer numbers. It isn’t unusual to see 5,000 people online at once. You can search by basic demographic info like age, race, location, or income. There is a huge pool of profiles to search through, and the vast majority of them have photos, but it would be nice to have some way to search for or be matched with people with shared interests.

      Overall, is a quick and easy way to start searching for singles, and it’s a good choice for people who would prefer to handle discussions of compatibility in person. If you want an online dating service to take on much more of the burden of finding matches who are thoroughly compatible, then you’re better off with sites like or Great Expectations.’s biggest drawback is that it just seems overly aggressive with its abundance of advertising, much of which has no relevance to online dating. It does, though, earn some of that lost goodwill back thanks to its emphasis on profiles with photos. After all, it’s true what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words. I guess that makes this review worth about three-fourths of a picture.

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