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One review, coming right up! The holidays were over, copious amounts of cookies had been consumed, and I was feeling ready to venture back into the sometimes scary world of dating websites. My next target:, claiming to be in the business since 1996, which is no small feat for dating services, which often have the lifespan of fruit flies.

Some interesting notes right off the bat about Matchmaker – the site is clearly a sister-site of as the layout is nearly identical, down to the international flags indicating foreign language sites right at the top of the homepage. The biggest caveat offers its singles is that the site is for people aged 35 and over – a pretty good niche, certainly rife with opportunity for some good online matchmaking. One piece of advice to the site, though. If the girl in the screenshot below is 35, I’m Sandra Bullock.

Gut Reaction:

I immediately like that the Matchmaker dating site is no-holds-barred about their mission. They’re here to marry me off and hey, I better take that seriously. In a sea of casual popular online dating sites aimed to help me meet people and “hook up”, it’s a refreshing change to find a site who claims to be a bit more interested in finding me actual love.

Signing Up:

Just like, Matchmaker claims to be free, but only on certain elements. The site boasts free sign up, messaging via email, and matches by the system. Great start – I absolutely love not having to whip out my purse to logon as it makes me feel less pressure to actually get something out of the dating service right away. Free dating sites build their bottom line off of banner ads and toolbars, but there’s something to be said for the pull of something you pay nothing for. I’m far more curious to stay signed up and keep checking out the single dating pool when my checkbook’s not continuously bleeding.

After the Login:

A bit disappointingly, is literally exactly like in style, layout and options. I understand that the dating services offered by the two sites are completely different and aimed at separate demographics, but it would have been nice to see some variety between the two. Theoretically, I could be over 35 and on line dating on both sites, so some new features would be nice to see and play with. But I suppose you can’t win em’ all, and there’s truly nothing wrong with the simple, easy-to-use template that both sites use.

One of the more prominent things on’s home page are the “featured members” who clearly pay a bit more to have their profiles, sort of like personal ads, displayed right on the front page, before the scroll. My guess is that the over 35 demographic is a bit less money conscious than some of the other singles who frequent dating websites. Either way, they don’t hit you over the head asking for money, which is nice.

My Matches:

I went to the “My Search” tab and typed in a few simple criteria: men aged between 29 and 40, who live within 250 miles of my home, and have a photo. The results were encouraging and seemed similar to other singles sites, revealing over 300 matches that met my qualifications. The format presents the singles with is great with about 10 thumbnails per page, making my dating review easier as I could scroll through quickly. Sort of like speed dating, but without the awkward small talk and paralyzing fear of rejection.

The men the site matched me with while by definition a bit older than I typically go for were of pretty good quality. One of the great things about older dating personals is they’re more honest and open than those of younger singles. No one on the Matchmaker dating site had any qualms about stating right off the bat that they were looking to get married and settle down which is quite comforting if that’s what you’re looking for, too. While undoubtedly some of the members are being less than honest, the likelihood of finding true love through a free online dating service whose mission is to bring it to you is higher than average.

Dating online always has me wondering: where do people get these thumbnails? Do they not realize that a blurry shot of them standing in front of a hot rod in a ripped T-shirt is somewhat less than drool-worthy? Word of advice to all the online dating singles out there – please have someone take a casual, close-up photo of you before you post one on a popular online dating site. Really, your photo is one of the only things single women have to go off of, so make it less mug-shot or calendar style and more Christmas card worthy. If you wouldn’t use it as your Facebook profile picture, don’t use it as your online dating photo.

Summary: is great for exactly what it is: a site aimed at finding love for people over 35. It’s not exactly senior dating, but it is a free dating site with some qualification criteria, which automatically makes it slightly more useful than dating services aimed at the general population. If you fit in the “mature” demographic Matchmaker is aiming for, why not let them do some of the weeding for you? I’d rather cut straight to my appropriate single matches than waste all day wading through photos of college guys looking for a one-night stand, to be perfectly honest. The cliff notes version of my Matchmaker dating site review goes as follows:

  • It’s a free online dating service aimed at finding lasting love for an older crowd. Specific enough to be useful to members but not enough to cut down on general site traffic.
  • If you like or use, you’re going to like as they’re basically the same site, with Matchmaker being a little more “choosy.”
  • This review never once made me feel stigmatized for searching an older crowd, which is nice when you’re just trying to meet singles online, not hang out at a bingo hall.
  • The site’s ease of use and simple layout makes it easy for even the most inexperienced online dater to feel comfortable with the inherently-uncomfortable task of online dating.

If you or someone you know is a bit older and having a hard time finding love in the real world, is a great place to begin searching virtually. Less scary than other big-box sites, Matchmaker knows what a mature audience is looking for, making the process far less painful than a Social Security benefits health exam.

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