If you like the idea of finding your match by science a la eHarmony, PerfectMatch looks like a worthwhile alternative.

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Straight off of a rather dejecting eHarmony review, I decided it was time to try my hand at a different online dating service with similar claims. So that’s how my review came about – a search for a less bitingly accurate personality profile in addition to more than a measly two single matches. I headed over to do my PerfectMatch review, check out the goods and see if all these dating profiles really held any water.

It’s pretty clear that PerfectMatch is taking the academic route to matching. Relationship matching today looks a lot different than the picture browsing online dating sites of years past. Online dating is now mainstream and matching algorithms are the norm for singles to find a statistically compatible match. Users of PerfectMatch and similar sites are presented with professionally packaged online matching applications. Words like “scientific” and “compatibility” and “expert” appear in site descriptions. Sponsors are often PhD’s who have done research in sociology or psychology. Free dating services seem to be a thing of the past. But that may not be so bad.

PerfectMatch is now a “leading online relationship service” that has its genesis in decades of research by relationship expert, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Professor of Sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle and regular guest on “Oprah.” Sounding similar to eHarmony’s personality profile, the PerfectMatch Duet® Total Compatibility System finds members that have a high likelihood of compatibility with yourself. However, with PerfectMatch Duet® it is understood that marriage is not necessarily the goal of all members. Under the “Endorsements” section of the site, there is no shortage of PhD’s offering their comments about Dr. Schwartz and the service:

  • Graham Spanier President, Penn State University
  • Dr. Judith Sills, PhD Clinical Psychologist
  • Ulrich Clement, PhD
  • Peter Adler, PhD
  • Barry Glassner, PhD Professor, University of Southern California
  • Sandra Leiblum, PhD, Director, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
  • Ross Koppel, PhD
  • Barbara Risman, PhD

First Impression:

The Perfect Match dating site login page was nice – a bit cluttered, but well designed nonetheless. There was a cheery looking woman smiling back at me and I saw all kinds of free online dating claims which made me excited not to have to immediately pay up. The site’s layout and text had an eerie similarity to another online dating service I’d been to…that’s right,! I did some digging on the interwebs and found that not only are the sites not owned by the same company, they’re each other’s most direct competitors. Hopefully I’d have better luck on Perfect Match.

There were lots of big claims and copyrighted words on the login page, most notably the “Duet© Total Compatibility System” which sounded pretty official. Like many other popular online dating sites, Perfect Match is endorsed by a PhD, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, the “nation’s leading relationship expert.” Dubious. Really, all I wanted to do was meet singles and check out the site’s matchmaking abilities, and from my experience, I’ve learned that all these big words and names don’t mean much if the site is nothing more than a series of personal ads.

The last and most hilarious aspect of the login page was the “Give the gift of membership!” banner on the bottom of the screen. I don’t know about you, but if anyone ever gave me an online dating service membership as a gift, I may go Incredible Hulk all over the place. Note to my friends, my colleagues, and my mother: stick to scarves.

Signing Up:

The first few pages of the sign up were relatively similar to those on other dating sites. There was an Essentials section, a Values and Ideals section, a Dealbreakers section, and a Love and Lifestyle section. After I got through these standard on line dating queries I entered into the Duet Total Compatibility analysis, a trademark of It wasn’t quite as involved as my eHarmony review’s profile, but there were about 20 minutes or so of questions, ranging from my anger level to my view on being tardy to how much PDA I like. When dating websites take the time to ask such specific questions, I find myself being more confident that matching me to local singles is their priority, which makes me want to join, even at cost.

Once I spent what seemed like forever filling out the profile, I was greeted by today’s “special offer” reminding me that a free dating site Perfectmatch is not. It actually took quite a few tries to exit out of the pop-up – clicking around kept leading me back to a credit card form, and I wasn’t ready to spend $100 for a three month membership, even if the offer was “special.” I finally found a way to view singles for free, but unlike truly free online dating services, unless you’re a member with Perfectmatch, you can’t communicate unless you pay.

After the Login:

The Perfectmatch dating service homepage was pleasant enough, and had a lot of buttons and tabs for me to play with. The first thing I noticed was that I had some matches – yay! I was slightly disappointed to see that there were only ten of them, but I reasoned that perhaps once I became a full-fledged paying member of the dating website I could see more matches. Maybe the ten single men I saw were just a tease? If so, someone behind the scenes at Perfect Match should have worked a little harder, because none of these ten men made me want to fork over a hundred bucks to access a singles chat. Six of them didn’t even have photos but rather asked me to “request” one. Eh, no thanks…that sounds awkward and there’s nothing about a white box with your first name and city of residence that’s really stirring me to find out more. From what I saw, the matchmakers at didn’t really have much on any of the other Internet dating sites I’d reviewed, which was a bummer, kind of like the time they cancelled Arrested Development.

Additional Features:

The Duet Analysis was actually kind of interesting as it broke down my dating personality type (apparently I’m a risk taker – exactly the opposite of what eHarmony had to say about me…) and told me the percentage of other singles dating on who shared my traits or at least had complimentary traits themselves. The profile went in depth to tell me more about my core values and my love and lifestyle features, all of which was fun to read. In my opinion, all the best dating sites challenge you to think a little about yourself and about what you’re putting out there.

The most unique and interesting functionality of was their new partnership with Dating on Demand, a company that allows users to record and receive video messages from other local singles. One step up from instant messaging, this is a cool way to actually view how other members speak and present themselves, and I can see where it would help separate the Justin Timberlakes from the Justin Beibers.

PerfectMatch Screen Cap


Overall, my review found exactly what I expected to find: a site that was similar to eHarmony in its matchmaking services and aimed at strategically helping me meet singles through personality questionnaires. I liked this site and its modern, clean feel. It was fun to navigate and it seemed to have some pretty solid added features which go a long way in making me want to spend money to be a member.

Perfectmatch is truly an online dating service, not just a run-of-the-mill dating website, which so many out there are. My initial matches weren’t great but my personality profile had some interesting insights and hey, come to think of it, subscription service would be a whole lot cheaper than therapy.

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    Based on 30 years of research by dating and relationship expert, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, our Duet® Total Compatibility System matches the "whole" you - your personality, lifestyle, values and preferences - the key elements that create the most successful, lasting relationships. Your unique combination of elements will be matched not only with singles who are similar to you, but also singles who complement you. We use your Duet® System results to create your personal Duet® dating Profile.

    Originally Posted

    March 28, 2011.

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    June 11, 2013.

    9 User Reviews

    1. anonymousfem

      Dating websites? All of them are in this for the $$$$ or the big fiery that has went on for quite some time that the internet is the way to go to meet singles. The free ones are no worse than the paid ones. Same ppl, same games, same ones had u met them in real life a few times you’d say, “nahhh, don’t think so!” The paid want you to believe there is better quality so you will pay. Most of the men are to cheap to even pay to contact the women. Why would you want to go out with a man who clearly lets you know he is not a paying member? Sounds like an exciting man to date to me! I believe I will pay to meet this loser???!!! Nahhhhh, don’t think so! I have met many ppl from off the net as well as in everyday life. I find most of the ppl who use the net are ppl with problems meeting folks in the real world, men with tons of problems {very dysfunctional men to put it mildly) that had u met them anywhere else b4 all the games, u wouldn’t have bothered. I met maybe 2 decent men out of nearly a hundred I dated and I understand lots of dysfunctional women with real life problems also hit these sites. Why? No effort to get out there and be real, be friendly, meet real ppl. I do just about anything now, even bars LOOK GOOD compared to internet dating and that is my opinion from EXPERIENCE with ANY of the big or small dating sites. A scam for sure on we “poor, lonely singles” not coupled up like most of the folks running these sites.

    2. Sarah

      Why oh why didn’t I read the reviews before paying? Initially I thought it seemed great-a perfect combination of Match and Eharmony. But then the reality struck, there are basically no paying male members in my area (upstate NY). Save your money and try either eharmony, match or plenty of fish (which is free)!

    3. Terrie

      I was originally drawn to the site because I was led to believe it was community based. I soon discovered it was not. I requested a cancelation and the responder stated he would cancel my account immediately and process a refund. Later when I checked my CC statement I discovered that the thieves had only credited me $29 and kept the other $50. Nowhere in the emails they sent me did they mention partial refund.

    4. Kraig is a complete waste of money. I signed up and paid 60 dollars to become a member. They wouldn’t even let me try it out or see how many potential matches I would have until I paid. This is twice the price of, which I have found to be successful. Once I became a member, I only had 6 matches or so and most of them didn’t have a picture. I also tried searching and there were a few people as matches but I am not aware as to how active they are or when they were last online. For all I know, they are inactive and therefore it is a complete waste of time for me to email them. This site is a waste of money. Please do not sign up for it. I would HIGHLY recommend signing up for It is way cheaper and much more easier to use and effective.

    5. Edward D.

      What a hokey waste of time and money this so called “”. HUGE waste of time. You can NOT delete profiles that appear in their “match” or search results even once you have reviewed the profile(s). So in other words, once you do a search, and look at a profile (or a hundred of them) you CANNOT delete the profiles you do NOT want to see again. So EVERY TIME you do a search the same unacceptable, or NON matching profile(s) continue to show up.

      And worse, I have contacted them more than once to ask them to address the lack of a “remove” or “delete” tab on each profile and here is their LAME answer:

      Deleting profiles from Search results is not an option at this time. As requested, we have closed your subscription. In accordance with theTerms of Use, your account will deactivate on 10/31/2009, the end of thecurrent billing cycle. Please let us know if you need any further assistance. Cordially, [name and email removed]

      LAME and a HUGE waste of time.

      Also, I found out that their website continues to list the people/matches/profiles EVEN AFTER THEIR PAID SUBSCRIPTION HAS EXPIRED. In other words, their website is loaded with NON paying “matches” who cannot reply to the invitations /emails one would send, of course unless they would resubscribe.

      Try Plenty of fish, OR ANY other website first.

    6. Linda

      This website is a complete waste of time and money. Wow. What an ongoing disappointment. Every ‘match’ — and there were precious few — was illiterate (I’m not) and uneducated (I’m not) and fat (I’m not). Better luck somewhere else.

    7. Ted

      Wow surprised to see these comments and the review. PerfectMatch is very different to eHarmony. I tried eHarmony & was not thrilled. PerfectMatch give you so many more options. You can search yourself if you are not pleased with your results (you can’t search at ALL on eHarmony). Also PerfectMatch offers DatingonDemand, which I thought was a great way to see some people answer questions on camera. If you are really interested in finding someone who will love you its worth the money. I found my sweetheart Julia on and we have been together for 2 years.

    8. Heather

      I really enjoyed using this website. I met my husband-to-be on PerfectMatch. We both really enjoyed that it had some unique qualities to the site. Even though neither of us used the Dating on Demand part we both enjoyed watching videos throughout the process – it really does give you a good feel of someone. We give our best to PerfectMatch because their site design is set up well for people to communicate and express interest in one another. Best of luck to others on the site and hope you make the most of your experience. We are glad we did 🙂

    9. S. Fletcher

      This is the worst dating site I have ever encountered. I looked at their site and input some info. I decided I did not wish to be a member of that site. (As you know, you usually cannot get info about a site until you at least input some info.) I subsequently tried to delete my info, but as far as I can tell, they will not let you delete everything. Some time after this, they sent me email offering me a ‘free’ 2 week membership. When I tried to ‘unsubscribe’ from their emails they would not let me unsubscribe because I did not remember any password. They continued to send me daily emails claiming I was a member. I have blocked their emails. I am thankful I never paid them a penny. Who needs a nuisance like this?

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