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So I’ve spent a lot of time reviewing online dating sites that have a cult following, little notoriety and cheesy gimmicks to attract members. I felt like it was time for me to really get in the game, so to speak, and review arguably the most popular online dating site out there today: eHarmony has some big shoes to... Go to review page is arguably the best known of all the popular online dating sites, and I wanted to find out if that reputation was for good reason. They claim that one in five relationships start online, which is, well... a whole lot. Match sets up “hundreds of thousands” of singles a year, so I headed over to see what made this dating... Go to review page
Between countless episodes of “Millionaire Matchmaker” and “19 Kids and Counting,” I was starting to feel like I would never find anyone. Well, anyone without a graphic tee collection or 18 brothers and sisters. Anyway, I decided to use this as motivation to check out another dating site, so I started a Mate1 review. There’s... Go to review page
It was the weekend after Thanksgiving and I was in the mood to do some anonymous online dating on account of my stuffing-altered physique. This week’s choice: a review. I was curious to find out what made Lavalife so popular (in Canada, of all places) and how its online site differs from its original phone-messaging... Go to review page
I’d seen the commercials and heard the radio ads and like everyone else, I was curious about The site claims to move you "beyond personal ads" and into the scientific world of on line dating – lofty goals, Chemistry. Their “patented” personality test (why are they all patented? How do you patent a personality... Go to review page
Continuing onward into the realm of free dating sites, I decided it was time for me to launch into a review. I was already intrigued by the awesome domain they’d somehow snatched up and knew from the get go that the dating site had been around for a while. Low and behold, it said right at the bottom of the homepage... Go to review page
Straight off of a rather dejecting eHarmony review, I decided it was time to try my hand at a different online dating service with similar claims. So that’s how my review came about – a search for a less bitingly accurate personality profile in addition to more than a measly two single matches. I headed over to do my... Go to review page
Description: One review, coming right up! The holidays were over, copious amounts of cookies had been consumed, and I was feeling ready to venture back into the sometimes scary world of dating websites. My next target:, claiming to be in the business since 1996, which is no small feat for dating services,... Go to review page
Wanting to review a dating site that gets less media attention than some of the “big boys” ...think (review) or (review) I headed over to to check out the scene. I found a lot of interesting things in my review, and I’m happy to share my findings here with you, fellow online daters. First... Go to review page