16 Romantic Movie Scenes That Are Sure to Make You Cry

Who doesn’t love romantic movies? The right film will bring on the tears. And it feels so good! Even the Incredible Hulk can’t resist tearing up a little over these classic scenes… Warning, spoilers ahead!

1. The Notebook: When Noah and Allie finally reconnect after years apart.

2. Good Will Hunting: When Matt Damon says, “I had to see about a girl.”

3. Love Actually: The cue cards scene.

4. Dear John: When John finds out who Savannah is actually married to.

5. Bridget Jones Diary: When Bridget runs pantsless to meet Mr. Darcy on the street.

6. Sixteen Candles: The breakfast table scene.

7. Sleepless in Seattle: The meeting at the top of the Empire State Building.

8. Dirty Dancing: “No one puts Baby in a corner.”

9. Pretty Woman: Julia Roberts all dressed up.

10. P.S. I Love You: When Hillary Swank first opens a box from her dead husband.

11. The Lake House: Sandra Bullock’s final scene.

12. Spanglish: When Adam Sandler and Paz Vega must say goodbye after a night of bonding.

13. Titanic: “I’ll never let go, Jack!”

14. 50 First Dates: When Adam Sandler patiently explains their life to Drew Barrymore (for the last time.)

15. Sex and the City: When Carrie confronts Mr. Big in the street after he stood her up.

16. Twilight: When Bella and Edward reunite in Italy.


  1. AnnaLynn Fox says:

    The scene where Carrie confronts Big gets me every time. He LEFT HER AT THE ALTAR. And that’s the relationship everyone has been rooting on with the serious from day one. CRAZY!!!!!

    And in Dear John, it’s sad to think who she married, but that’s Nicholas Sparks… ready to break our hearts!

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