8 Rules for Being Single This Halloween

8) Choose your costume based on how you want to be perceived. Dress up as an internet meme? Quirky and fun! Dress up as a slutty nurse? Well…

7) If it’s neon green, smoking or served from a black plastic cauldron, don’t drink it.

6) Ask someone out on a throwback trick-or-treating date (but avoid egging your neighbors’ houses.)

5) If Facebook photos of your costume will keep you from attaining political office someday it may be time to rework your outfit.


4) Single parent? Halloween is not the time to introduce someone new to your children, particularly if your new love makes a wicked scary zombie.

3) Likewise, All Hallows Eve is not the time to (surprise!) reveal to your date you’ve got a kid. Well, three kids and hey, could you help me wrangle them as they go door to door begging for treats?

2) Eat real food throughout the night to avoid a sugar high. There’s nothing sexy about candy-induced motormouth.

1) And the number one rule for dating this Halloween? Play it neutral with your costume. If your getup wouldn’t pass the mother-in-law test or may cause children to run screaming it’s time to rethink the whole outfit.

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