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People are looking for more than fish and chips and pints across the pond, they're searching for love online, too! British dating sites are all the rage from Abbey Road to Birmingham (England, that is) so it's no wonder so many Brits are meeting singles via online dating sites these days. Matches between British residents are growing in number but there are tons of singles here in the US looking for love with an adorably-accented Englishman or woman online, too. Whether you're new to online dating or you're just sick of the "American" dating sites it's time you said Cheerio! to Britain's best dating sites.
Love fitness? So do lots of other singles! is a United Kingdom-based dating site specifically for fitness-obsessed singles. You don't have to have a six pack to join and you don't even have to be fit...whether you're looking for love, a friendship, or even a personal trainers, will Fitzus work for you? The scoop on... Go to profile page is the flagship site in a large UK dating platform that also includes sister site, Both sites are actually owned by International which makes sense! They have a lot in common with the U.S. online dating juggernaut. Dating Direct has become the UK's most popular, widely-used dating site... Go to profile page
What's so great about the "muddy" lifestyle? Well, a lot, actually! If you ask the folks at they'll tell you that country lovers are laid back, casual, and totally open to new relationships which is where the whole idea of Muddy Matches came from in the first place. Interested in finding out more? Here are a... Go to profile page
Who doesn't have a single friend they wish would find the right guy or girl? takes this age-old conundrum and seeks to do something about it! The brainchild of UK TV Presenter Sarah Beeny, a celeb in her own right. Frustrated after years of matchmaking, Beeny decided to cut out the middle man and have friends try and... Go to profile page
The folks at could use a bit of help making their site less SPAMmy but on the plus side, there are a lot of things to explore on the homepage alone. Contradictory to the domain name, Slow Dating is actually a speed dating site…the administrators organize speed dating events all across Britain for singles to meet other... Go to profile page is a United Kingdom dating site that aims to put the magic back into dating. Designed for the online dating novice in mind, Swoon has a whole system in play prepared to match likeminded singles for love, relationships and marriage. makes a big play out of suggesting that it’s not a matchmaking site, at least not... Go to profile page

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