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Free dating sites are the only way to go for some singles, and they certainly have their advantages. Those new to online dating are often skeptical of spending money in order to find a match on sites like eHarmony or so they turn to free online dating to test the waters. Free dating sites are a double edged sword, however, seeing higher numbers of fake profiles and usually offering less customization and personality-based matching, so (non)buyer beware. Even with the drawbacks, the number of free dating sites is growing every day and these sites generally offer a little-to-no risk proposition for online singles.
Ladies...isn't it time you were in control of your dating life? With so many women reporting high rates of harassment online it's no surprise dating sites are scrambling to help women feel more protected and more powerful. Whether you're new to online dating, sick of getting dirty messages, or just want to try online dating on your own... Go to profile page
Is there such thing as a free matchmaking service? Not the kind where you do the matchmaking yourself, but that which uses a traditional person-to-person matchmaking strategy? The Dating Ring thinks there should be. The clean, new site offers the best of both worlds - online dating with all the personalized attention of a matchmaking... Go to profile page
Why is this online dating site called Six Singles? We may never know. The name's catchy, though, which is a good thing. is a pretty typical dating site but it's completely and totally free which is always a plus. Are you thinking of trying something new? We tell you what you need to know about When Six... Go to profile page is a popular international dating site helping men around the world find beautiful women for dating, relationships or even marriage. Ladies looking for love are also welcome to sign up with the free platform - the goal of most singles on thee site is to find a love internationally then bring them back to the US for... Go to profile page says it's based in New York state but the site reads like a translation, to be sure. That being said, the site has over 6,000,000 unique visits and offers more ways to waste time than traditional dating sites which may be a good thing! If you want a side of games, blogs, and even classified ads with your online dating portal,... Go to profile page
When you hear "Darwin Dating," what do you think? You're probably expecting a community of evolution-minded individuals with strong views on Charles Darwin and his school of thought. Not here. At you'll find a self-proclaimed "online dating website for beautiful people only!" There are plenty of dating sites for... Go to profile page
Latin Love Search started all the way back in 2003 as "Alexandra's Dream" and it's developed a loyal following since then. The site won't win any awards for design - it looks like it hasn't been updated since 2003, either! - but it's credible, monitored, and totally free to use. Dedicated to matching Latino and Latina singles with loving... Go to profile page
The foodie movement has hit its apex. was quietly founded in 2010 but it's become one of the premiere foodie social networks on the web - and they want you to find love! At the same time, the folks behind Same Plate say you don't have to use the site for matchmaking. They just want you to start conversations about great... Go to profile page
Hinge is the dating app to rival Tinder, if you ask the dating site industry. The new app has raised over $8.6 million in seed money already and for good reason: it's a simple concept that hopes to eliminate Catfishing, awkward matchups, and the high costs sometimes associated with online dating. Hinge uses your Facebook account to come... Go to profile page is an in-Beta dating site that's truly something new. Using what they call "revolutionary" biometrics and facial recognition technology, Soul 2 Match compares users' photos and doles out a compatibility score ranging from 2% compatible to 95% compatible and higher! The site uses the principle that the best couples actually... Go to profile page
To say is a hipster dating site is an understatement. Run from Brooklyn, NY (the headquarters of all-things-hipster), Mesh is currently in "pre-Beta" and only available in New York City and the Tristate area. But that's okay! It's actually a pretty useful site if you happen to live in one of these areas and there's a good... Go to profile page
Intelligent Dating is not (necessarily) a dating site just for intelligent people. It's actually an aggregate dating site for a variety of smaller online dating "communities" and it's completely and totally free! If you're looking for something different without all the SPAM or high-pricing, might just be what... Go to profile page
Coffee Meets Bagel is an adorably-named social network dating site. It's unlike traditional online dating sites in that it uses your own Facebook network to mine potential dates for you so there's a better-than-average chance you'll have something in common. The three sisters behind Coffee Meets Bagel know that friends of friends are the... Go to profile page
It should go without saying that prison marriages have one of the highest divorce rates in the country (around 85%) but that being said, there are still over 2.5 million people incarcerated in the U.S. alone. Many of these inmates get lonely and there are plenty who simply want someone to talk to and share their hopes, dreams, and... Go to profile page
Bazoocam is taking the idea of a "chat room" to a whole different level. Not only do users get to chat endlessly with a new stream of strangers, they do it all via webcam! There are tons of really cool features on Bazoocam that make it superior to other video chat sites...let's take a look at a few of the best. What's So Special About... Go to profile page

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