Judaism/Jewish Dating Sites

Judaism is a religion of traditions and family, and dating among Jews is taken very seriously. Most Jewish singles are searching for like-minded, spiritually similar men and women, so online dating is a natural fit. Jewish dating sites abound online and have some of the highest success and marriage rates of any dating site type. From the casual to overtly religious, there’s a Jewish Dating Site out there for everyone and the Jewish community supports online love like few others. Let the internet be your Yenta and take your matchmaking needs to the web – Jewish Dating Sites know what they’re doing!
Jzoog.com is a new (free) Jewish dating site joining the ranks of JDate and dozens of other all-Jewish matching sites. Is it any good? It's aimed at millennials and Jzoog has a modern design that makes it easy to use and navigate. Facebook login is required and every profile is reviewed to make sure it's real...and "kosher". There's... Go to profile page
JDate.com dating site has developed quite a following in the last few years and there’s now no more renowned place to go online if you’re Jewish and single. The online dating community at JDate makes no secret of its desire for commitment or for relationships only with those who identify themselves as Jewish, so the site’s a... Go to profile page
JewishMingle.com is one of the dozens of dating sites online that exist to match Jewish singles for friendship, love and eventually marriage. Akin to JDate.com and Spark.com in nature, Jewish Mingle has thousands of members looking for a casual, clean environment in which to try online dating. The site is free to join although monthly... Go to profile page
JDate.co.il is the dating site for serious Jewish singles, that is, those who speak Hebrew. Traditionally, Jewish singles have relied on clergy and their families to help them find a suitable mate. Online dating for single Jews has exploded in the last decade and no more so than on the JDate family of sites which includes... Go to profile page
If you don’t speak Hebrew, you’re going to have a tough time getting involved with Cupid.co.il. The dating site is a sister property of all the Spark Network dating sites and seeks to help Israeli Jews find love and happiness with other Hebrew-speaking singles. It’s perhaps the most popular dating site of its kind and boasts... Go to profile page
JewishCafe.com is a dating site made for Jews to match Jews and it’s right up there with JDate and JSingles as one of the biggest player in the Jewish online dating market. Jewish Café has thousands of singles profiles complete with photos and easily searchable through the dating site database. The online dating scene at JewishCafe... Go to profile page
Finally, a dating site with something new to offer! JRetroMatch.com is a dating site formed with the intention of matching Jewish singles together for the purpose of love and marriage, and the site’s got a really unique value proposition. Unlike other dating sites that rely in computer programs or nothing at all to match members, J... Go to profile page
Frumster is designed primarily for orthodox Jewish singles who are shomer shabbat/kashrut but anyone who is Jewish and single can join. Profile targeting technology ensures an ideal enviornment for both orthodox and non-orthodox Jewish singles. Go to profile page
JWed.com does not make any bones about its purpose, from the domain name to the opening photo. The dating site is geared toward matching marriage-minded Jews together for eternal bliss and they take this mission very seriously. JWed is part of the Frumster network which is based in New York City and though communication isn’t free,... Go to profile page

Most Popular Dating Sites

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Date.com Site
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Matchmaker Dating
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Spark Dating
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