Nationality Dating Sites

When it comes to online dating there’s no greater divider than place of residence. When you live in the US places like Texas and California can feel a world away but what if you’ve been chatting with a single in Greece?

Nationality dating sites are the newest trend in online dating and seek to match singles based on their country of residence or at least their national descent. Both American nationals as well as current residents of specific countries can find dating sites suitable to make matches with nearby singles. If you’re an Israeli single looking for love only with someone else of your same nationality, there are nationality specific dating sites out there to service you. Likewise, if you’re a transplanted French single and looking for Frenchmen who also live in Arkansas you can get online and find lasting love easier than ever before – no more going to the "French" bar in town to scope out the inventory.

To many people, nationality is about as important as race but to some more particular online daters, nationality is everything. For example, in the Greek community it’s important to marry within the Greek nationality and the same goes for many members of specific Indian castes. For these people, nationality dating sites aren’t just a good idea, they’re a necessity since combing through hundreds of profiles to find the one other national can be exhausting.

When online dating is more than just a casual search and you know you’re looking for love within cultural boundaries, nationality dating sites can be a great place to dive right in and feel safe about looking for love online. OPA, Shalom and Arrivederce!


With so many Africans living all across the globe, African dating sites are becoming an increasingly popular way for African singles to meet each other. South Africans, Kenyans, Nigerians – you can now find them all online and in many cases, specifically on...
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Albanian singles have a reputation for being conservative and traditional, but the internet is changing things. There are now tens of Albanian dating sites catering to all types of Albanians, from Muslim to secular. In a culture where marriages typically come before...
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Known for traditionalism and modesty, the Arab dating culture is shifting slowly to take on a more modern slant. Arab singles across the globe are ditching conservatism and heading to the internet to try one of the many Arab dating sites to hit the web in recent years....
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Armenians are a proud people and many nationals living outside of Armenia like to date within their nationality. That’s why Armenian dating sites are making such a splash in the Armenian dating culture and singles from all parts of Armenia are taking to the internet...
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In the outback, dating is as easy as sending a message via boomerang but outside of Australia, meeting Australian singles isn’t so simple. Australian nationals all over the globe are taking to the Internet to meet the man or woman of their dreams and a host of...
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Brazilians are consistently named the most beautiful people in the world, due in no small part to their fiery nature and passionate dispositions. Brazilian singles living outside of the motherland, though, have trouble finding sufficient numbers of like-minded singles...
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British Dating


People are looking for more than fish and chips and pints across the pond, they're searching for love online, too! British dating sites are all the rage from Abbey Road to Birmingham (England, that is) so it's no wonder so many Brits are meeting singles via online...
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Singles in America’s Hat need love, too, which is why Canadian dating sites are exploding in popularity. With large distances between big cities and lots of time spent indoors, singles in Canada are flocking to online dating in droves to match them for love and...
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Caribbean singles living outside the islands often have a hard time finding other Caribbeans to mingle with – enter Caribbean dating sites. These sites are bringing together men and women from all over the tropics, from Aruba to Haiti to Saint Lucia, for casual...
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The Chinese have a traditional mindset but this conservatism dwindles once Chinese singles leave the homeland. Here in America and in other Western countries, Chinese singles love interacting with westerners and Chinese alike which is why Chinese dating sites are...
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Columbian singles are, like most Latin lovers, known for being tempestuous and spicy. Online daters everywhere are responding to an influx of Columbian dating sites favorably – the more Columbians online, the more fun everyone has! Some of these sites are designed to...
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Singles from the Dominican Republic are looking for love all over the world and now the power of the internet is helping bring them together. Dominican dating sites are growing every year and this fraction of Latin matchmaking services is hotter than ever. If you’re...
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Ethiopian dating sites are growing in popularity, in part because so many Ethiopian singles have started looking for love online and aren’t finding enough nationality matches on big-box dating sites. Africans from nearly every country are flocking to the web to check...
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Asian dating sites are some of the most prolific on the web and with so many out there, it’s good to have differentiation. That’s why Filipino dating sites are becoming more and more popular among Filipino singles and westerners who love them, as well as between...
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Map of France for French Dating Enthusiasts


The French are known for their “joie de vivre” and relaxed attitude towards romance. Marriages and dating alike are sacred business in France and so it makes sense that French Dating Sites are moving like wildfire through the country. Whether it’s French singles...
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Ever since “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” hit theaters singles everywhere have had a newfound respect for dating in the Greek tradition. Family oriented and conservative are words used to describe the typical Greek single and Greek dating sites everywhere are...
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Like many Asian dating services, Indonesian dating sites are facing an explosion in popularity as more and more Asian singles turn to the internet for love. With so many Indonesian dating sites on the web, daters can find everything from Indonesian to Indonesian love,...
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Few cultures are more conservative than Muslim, and Iranian singles have long had a difficult time finding love outside of family or religious circles. That’s why Iranian dating sites are creating quite a stir in Iran and in the western world as Iranian daters take...
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Israeli dating sites are all the rage within the close knit, traditional culture, revered as much for their safety and networking abilities as their matchmaking services. Whether you live in Israel, are a native Israeli working in the states or simply an...
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Italians are fiery by nature and sexy by culture, what with all that eating and leisure time. From the Amalfi Coast all the way to Venice, Italian singles are singing the praises of Italian online dating which has taken the country and culture by storm. Italian dating...
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All you need is love, mon! Jamaican dating sites are growing in number and single Jamaicans everywhere are loving this high-tech way to find a match. Both in Jamaica and elsewhere, singles are bonding online over a shared love for the islands and deep-rooted Jamaican...
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Japanese women are renowned for their delicate beauty and traditional sensibilities. This and a rise in Japanese personal technology have laid the foundation for dozens of new Japanese dating sites to spring up. These sites cater both to western men seeking Japanese...
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Korean singles looking for love online have never had more options than they do today, thanks in part to the dozens of Korean dating sites that have sprung up in recent years. Not to be confused with matrimonial sites, Korean online dating sites match both Korean...
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Ole! Mexican dating sites are growing more and more popular each day and for a decidedly low-tech culture, they’re on the cutting edge. Designed both for Mexican nationals living outside of Mexico and Mexican singles themselves, these sites match Latino singles for...
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Pakistan isn’t exactly known for its progressive view on dating and relationships, but Pakistani online dating is slowly changing the norms in Pakistan and among Pakistani singles all over the world. These casual, conservative dating sites make it easy for Pakistanis...
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Polish Dating


Polish language dating sites are taking off because, well, what’s not to love? Polish singles are generally well-educated, independent people and they’ve got a lot of cultural heritage too, so daters from across the globe are flocking to online dating sites to find...
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Romanians have a long cultural heritage that ranges from highly traditional to gypsy. People from this diverse ethnic group are flocking to the internet to find love, particularly in the younger generations. Those who seem to find the most success on Romanian dating...
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Known for their traditional values and willingness to commit, Russians are flocking in droves to online dating sites. Russian dating sites are all the rage across the Soviet Union and lots of singles are finding great success dating online. Russians are eschewing...
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Singapore is a fast growing, cutting-edge nation, and its people’s view on online dating is no different. Singaporean singles across the globe are turning to online dating sites to find love among other Singaporeans or in some cases, with westerners instead. Cultural...
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Thai singles across the world are looking for love online and with so many new specifically-Thai dating sites, they’re finding great success. This marriage minded culture is still somewhat conservative and traditional and Thai men and women alike are finding the web...
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Turkey is far more traditional than most people give it credit for, outside of Istanbul. Singles in and from this mostly Muslim country are finding online dating to be a great way to casually date outside the rigors of Turkish dating traditions and many singles in...
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Ukrainian women are prized the world over for their domestic dedication and graceful features. Online dating sites have sprung up to cater specifically to this demographic and Ukrainian women are finding love with western men like never before on Ukrainian dating...
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Vietnam has more to offer than a picturesque landscape and delicious food – Vietnamese singles are some of the hottest commodities on the web! Vietnamese women are finding love online with western men through Vietnamese marriage services while Vietnam singes are...
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