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Online dating has exploded in popularity in the last few years with over one fourth of all relationships now being said to start online and in turn general dating sites are learning to share the landscape with more specialized, niche sites. The biggest dating sites on the web include (review), eHarmony (review) and Zoosk but smaller, less general sites are making headway in the online dating scene. In general, people use online dating to meet singles online for everything from long-term relationships to a quick hook up and rest assured, there’s a dating site out there to meet every need.
Animals and Pets Dating Sites


Animals and pets can bring people together and break down the worst of barriers in human relationships. Finding someone who cares for animals like you do is easier than ever. Explore some of the dating sites available for pet-lovers.
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Apps are the newest thing in online dating, and for good reason. We've all got our smartphones on us at all times, why not let them find us a date? These dating apps are the most popular, unique relationship apps around.
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Dating online has sparked a trend in niche dating, that is, singles looking for love within a very specific group of eligible suitors. From the plus-sized to the disabled to those with a love of… mustaches? niche dating sites are really taking off. If you’re...
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Free dating sites are the only way to go for some singles, and they certainly have their advantages. Those new to online dating are often skeptical of spending money in order to find a match on sites like eHarmony or so they turn to free online dating to test...
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Most Popular Dating Sites

Members Price Coupon/Offer Reviews
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Mate1 Logo
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15 million $19.99 No Visit
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reviews Site
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Matchmaker Dating
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Spark Dating
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