Profession Dating Sites

More and more, dating sites are looking for ways to better match their clients based on commonalities and interests, hence the rise of professional dating sites. The goal of these sites is to match singles based on their preferred professions in addition to more common qualifiers like age and height. It’s important to note that these sites aren’t necessarily all about income, but also a chosen lifestyle and set of interests. So, if you’ve got a soft spot for teachers or have always dreamt of being yolked to a doctor, professional dating sites are a great place to start your online dating search.


Sometimes a profession is more than just a job, it’s a lifestyle, and nowhere is this more true than for farmers. Farmer online dating has really taken off in the last few years and while still a small niche, singles on these sites enjoy sharing their love of the...
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Millionaire Dating Sites


Money can’t buy love…or can it? A host of Millionaire dating sites have popped up to service a demographic of singles looking for love with money. Some of these dating sites aim to match non-millionaires with the wealthy while others are meant to point millionaires...
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As if students don’t already have enough outlets to meet new people, student dating sites have popped up to facilitate online dating and matchmaking for this youthful bunch. A great concept, these sites often match singles based on the school they attend and even the...
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Government Workers Unite! (online, that is). Uniformed or military matching sites are slowly gaining ground in the online dating scene and many people are finding love through these sites that connect singles not only on profession, but on a specifically governmental...
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