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Religion is a hot-button issue in the online dating world and religion dating sites are finding great success in matching singles looking for more serious, long-term partnerships. Many people who date online see religion as a “non-negotiable” so it makes sense that sites geared toward linking up like-minded religious individuals would be gaining in popularity. Most of the large dating sites give users the opportunity to specify religion and preferences but niche sites that cater to those looking only for dates who hold certain religious views have really taken hold since many boast higher than average matching and marriage rates.


The Christian religion encompasses a broad spectrum ranging from Unitarian to Catholic in nature and is practiced by over 2 billion people worldwide. With marriage being one of the foundations of the faith, many Christians are turning to online dating only to face...
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Judaism is a religion of traditions and family, and dating among Jews is taken very seriously. Most Jewish singles are searching for like-minded, spiritually similar men and women, so online dating is a natural fit. Jewish dating sites abound online and have some of...
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Latter-day Saints

LDS Singles Sites are growing in popularity and now make up a huge percentage of new religious dating sites on the market. Latter-Day Saints singles are traditional and marriage-minded which means online dating is perfectly suited to finding them serious relationships....
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With Islam being the largest religion in the world, several Muslim dating sites specializing in matching marriage minded individuals who share the same faith and value system have cropped up over the last few years. Online dating is relatively new to the Muslim...
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