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Think you're "too good" for traditional online dating? Then the Inner Circle is right up your alley. Designed for hip, cool people who don't have time to wade through the masses, this selective dating site is one of the newest in the game. Should you try Inner Circle? Inner Circle has a strict vetting process, about which little is... Go to profile page
Have you heard of Raya? Of course not...and that's just the way the app wants it. Raya is a highly exclusive new app - for dating and connecting - that's being used by some of the most famous people online. It's harder to get into than Harvard (probably), extremely secretive, and we're going to tell you what we know. Here's What We Know... Go to profile page
World Friends is one of the largest, most diverse communities of international dating in the world. Headquartered in Asia, the global network is separated into over 200 groups of like-minded individuals and the site has plenty of success stories to boot. What's so special about this international dating site? We take a look. Here's what... Go to profile page
SingldOut is cutting edge, for sure. It's an American dating site startup aimed at hooking up like-minded professionals and it's the first site of its kind that uses LinkedIn profiles to match members. Not only that, but SingldOut works with science company Instant Chemistry to help singles find their perfect mate based on their DNA.... Go to profile page
Ever seen the show Polyamory on Showtime? If you haven't you may not understand the concept of Polyamorous Passions, a dating site for people who live a polyamorous lifestyle or are just "poly-curious." is a dating site and social network for people and couples looking to be part of polyamorous... Go to profile page
Red State Date's motto is, adorably, "Find your running mate." For a dating site designed for Republicans, conservatives, and GOP members to meet, it's a pretty accurate summation! Spawned by dating site conglomerate Political Matchmakers, LLC, is a place to meet and mingle with like-minded thinkers and other... Go to profile page
Are You Interested (or "AYI" as the site calls itself) is one of the first Facebook-centric dating sites. Although you can sign up via email the site's really its most powerful when it's allowed to harness the power of your Facebook network to find you a date. "Online dating for grown-ups made easy"  is the way. The site is... Go to profile page
Cheek'd is a dating site hoping to bridge the gap between meeting online and meeting in real life. It's a novel idea, really, and different from most other online dating sites out there. If you're the type of person who prefers real-world connections but you lack the courage to strike up conversations with complete strangers, Cheek'd may... Go to profile page is a casual relationship dating site that allows members to "flirt until they drop!" If you're interested in chatting up singles all over the world and practicing your flirting skills, this may be the dating site for you. Here are the top ten best things about Click and Flirt that may entice you to join! 1. Click... Go to profile page
More and more dating sites are popping up in the gray area between "online" and "mobile." is one of these sites. The new dating app plays with the idea of anonymity and allows daters to flirt and chat without seeing each others' pictures, ensuring looks don't influence the relationship. Here are the 10 best things about the... Go to profile page
What better way to match people who love music than by their tastes in sound? is a cutting-edge dating site attempting to make love connections by matching music lovers by their tastes in music. What a novel idea! Here is a List of the Best Things about 1. The site is clean and easy-to-use, and the design is... Go to profile page
Metro Date is a city-specific dating service that helps you find love in your own town for free. The site takes you to a site designed with dating in your city in mind and provides a hyper-local online dating experience. Here are the 10 best things about 1. The site is 100% free! 2. Singles events... Go to profile page is the true hybrid social networking site and online dating platform, aiming to set up "quirky, interesting people" with other quirky, interesting singles. Love Flutter has all kinds of social connections including Facebook, Twitter, and even Foursquare and it's clearly designed with young (even Millennial) singles in... Go to profile page
Clever name aside, is filling a big need in the online dating world. The site is created by and for cat lovers as a safe place to communicate with other cat lovers. As a dating site it has a little ways to go, but as a forum for cat people, it's purrfect! On the site you'll find typical online dating... Go to profile page
Miss Travel is a dating site with a seemingly-noble goal: to help people see the world. Its mission is to match "generous" travelers with "attractive" travel companions for fun, stress-free adventures. The site is free to join (and always totally free for female members) but there's a standard monthly fee as well as additional costs to... Go to profile page

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