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Hey, online dater! Do you have your very own fledgling dating site or a favorite site that you’d like us to know about? We’re serious about getting to know all the ins and outs of the online dating world and since you’re part of it, we’d love to hear about your site and maybe even put it on our master database to share in our weekly dating site.

We can’t guarantee your site’s going to be approved for our list since we require numerous quality standards for all our partners, but if you believe you’ve got a high-quality, unique dating site, let us know! We’re constantly working to improve our dating site directory and if we like what we see, we’ll welcome you with open arms to the Dating Sites XO family. We’re not able to accept adult dating sites.

So, who are you, anyway? Tell us a bit about yourself by answering all of the below questions. The more interesting details you can provide, the more likely we’ll post (see our dating site profiles for examples of what info we post). Email answers to emoryandsuzana at datingsitesxo dot com.

  1. What’s the website address?
  2. Is there an app available for smartphones?
  3. Describe a few things that make your dating site off-the-charts-awesome.
  4. What are the approximate total number of members?
  5. What are some of the features that make your dating site great? Virtual Gifts? Advice Column? Social Network Connectivity?
  6. Geography: Where in the world is your dating site specializing? Name the states, countries, etc.
  7. What languages does the site/app support?
  8. What types of memberships does the site offer (free, paid, trial, etc.)?
  9. What benefits do members receive?
  10. What kinds of relationships are you creating on your site? Marriage, dating, friendship, etc.?
  11. What ways do people connect on the site?
  12. Do you offer a coupon or a free trial? If so, tell us the URL.
  13. What category does the site best fit?