Why Is It So Difficult to Find The Right Guy?

Tell us why you think it is so @%$# difficult!

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  1. Katie Lee

    i think its because us girls don’t make guys work hard enough for our time. text messaging and emailing has become the new normal – guys don’t ask girls out on dates anymore!

  2. Shyla

    I think it’s difficult because we keep looking for “the right guy” when in fact, any guy can be Mr. Right as long as we look past the looks department and see the real man in a guy. But before we go do that, we have to look in the mirror and ask ourselves, “do i consider myself ms. right?” This is a question that most of us fails to answer. And by not acknowledging who we are and what we are, we won’t be able to find the right guy for us. Men are different in many ways. One man can be the right guy for you but he may not be the right guy for me.

    Also, if you truly want to find the right guy, you have to know what you want. And you have to make sure that what you want today will still be the same thing you want, 5, 10, or 20 years from now. After all, finding the right guy is hard so when you finally see one, you have to have it for keeps. 🙂

    • kristiane

      I agree that we should also work out in order to be Ms. Right not just because we want a right guy for us but because becoming Ms. Right will make us feel good about ourselves and make us a better person. Becoming a better person will lead us into achieving better things and the kind of love that we deserve.

  3. kristiane

    It depends on what are the characteristics of the right guy for you. The right guy for others may be someone cool and funny while for others it could be rich and handsome, for some it could be intelligent and understanding. The right guy for others may be simple and humble. What is the right guy for you? Your right guy may be the wrong guy for other girls. It’s indeed important to identify the characteristics of the man you would fall into.

    Anyway, if you find it hard to find the right guy after exerting too much risks and efforts, maybe its time to stop looking for some time and enjoy the single moments first. Love yourself more and focus in doing things that you’re passionate. The right guy will come in the right time.

    • That’s great advice! Focusing on yourself is a surefire way to invite Mr. Right into your life.

  4. Suzana

    It seems like there’s not enough single guys out there. Sometimes you meet someone you really like but later you find out they either married, in a relationship or they are gay.

    Working a full time job means there’s not enough time to meet guys. Your social circle gets smaller compared to when you were in college. I don’t want to go to a bar to meet the right one, so where should I go?

    You think you find the right guy until the chasing period is over then everything starts turning sour. Some guys are just not into a relationship. They just want one thing “sex” – once they get it, they move on.

  5. Suzana

    What is the right guy? hmm… I can’t explain. He’s just someone who suitable for you in many ways. The person is not necessarily perfect, but somehow he fills the blank of missing puzzle in your life. The person who we can work things out in harmony without a lot of effort. Just flow.

    I really do believe there’s a right person out there for everybody. The key is to wait patiently.

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